Speaking to the National Press Club today, MPAA chairman Chris Dodd talked up the industry’s innovation and impact as the trade association continues to reorient strategy after last year’s defeat of major anti-piracy legislation.

As he has before, Dodd struck a more conciliatory tone toward Silicon Valley, and signalled that a host of new streaming options and other technologicial innovations could ease the rift that saw Hollywood on one side in support of the Stop Online Piracy Act and Silicon Valley against it. He said a new “golden age” was being ushered in with new options for content, including on Netflix, Hulu and others. The message was that the industry is offering content online, and not exacerbating piracy by failing to offer the option.

”We can and must have an Internet that works for everyone, and we can and must have protection for the creative industry’s genius that intellectual property represents,” he said, according to prepared remarks, adding that “for the more than two million Americans whose jobs depend on the motion picture and television industry ‘free and open’ cannot synonmous with ‘working for free.'”

He added that “we must together innovate through these challenges. Fortunately, Silicon Valley and Hollywood are making some progress on this front.”

His full speech is here.