Michael Moore will host a discussion tonight at the Academy Theater with all of the nominees for best documentary, but attention undoubtedly will be paid to the ordeal that Palestinian filmmaker Emad Burnat faced last night at LAX.

Moore says that the co-director of “5 Broken Cameras” was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, who even threatened to send him on the next plane back to Amman.

When Burnat finally showed up at a dinner for Oscar nominees, Moore writes, “he told us that this sort of treatment is something he is used to ‘on a
daily basis under Occupation.’ He gave an eloquent and moving impromptu
speech, in his usual soft-spoken voice, to his fellow nominees. He said
this was his 6th trip with his film to the U.S. this year and that this
was the first time he was detained. He said they wanted to see some ‘official document’ that he was an actual nominee. I said, ‘Doesn’t
Immigration have Google?'”