President Obama’s first swearing-in ceremony was attended by an estimated 1 million people, but in the crowd were a handful of gay and lesbian activists who turned away from the west side of the Capitol as one figure appeared on the inaugural platform.

That was in protest of Rick Warren, the celebrity preacher chosen to deliver the invocation, for anti-gay stances including support of the recently passed Proposition 8.

Now a new controversy is shaping involving the man that Obama has chosen to deliver the benediction, Louie Giglio of the Georgia-based Passion City Church.

Think Progress this afternoon posted a sermon from the mid-1990s that he delivered warning of the “aggressive agenda” of the LGBT movement and calling for gay conversion through religion. As if that wasn’t enough, Towleroad reports that Giglio proudly tweeted that his father created the logo for Chick-fil-A.

It will be interesting how the Obama team responds, as the New York Times reports that one prominent LGBT leader is calling for a “complete renunciation” by the pastor. As Obama has signed legislation repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and supporting same-sex marriage, there also could be pressure on Giglio to say whether his appearance signals endorsement of the president’s advances in gay rights.

The Obama inaugural committee today announced that the poet at the inauguration will be Richard Blanco, who is gay and was born in Spain, the son of Cuban exiles.