Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen have each donated $50,000 to Working Californians, the independent committee set up last month to support Wendy Greuel’s mayoral bid.

City ethics commission records show that the contribution was reported on Feb. 7. The trio endorsed her campaign in 2011, and have helped her raise money, but more recently they have backed the independent expenditure committee that can accept unlimited contributions. Spielberg and Katzenberg’s political adviser, Andy Spahn, has sent letters to others in the industry, according to the Hollywood Reporter, asking for contributions to the independent org.

Among those who have recently stepped up with checks are Fox’s Jim Gianopulos, who contributed $15,000; writer Susan Harris, who contributed $7,500; RealD CEO Michael Lewis, $7,500; and producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, who each contributed $12,500. Stanlet Gold, Judd Apatow and Norman Lear made contributions last month. Working Californians is also getting money from union sources, most recently Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1277 PAC, which contributed $10,000.

Greuel worked in government relations for Dreamworks from 1997 to 2002.

Update: Greuel unveiled another ad today, reports LA Observed. Also, records filed with the FCC show that her campaign has purchased $316,320 worth of broadcast airtime on local Los Angeles stations during the next week, including spots that will run during tonight’s State of the Union address. Garcetti’s campaign has purchased $212,210 over the next week, according to the most recent contracts filed with the agency, and he also will have spots run during the president’s address.