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Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Conn.) praises Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” but has sent a letter to the director asking that he make one change to the movie that puts Connecticut lawmakers on the “the wrong side of the historic and divisive fight over slavery.”

Courtney takes issue with the movie’s depiction of the vote over ratification of the 13th Amendment as it shows two of three members of the state’s House delegation voting to uphold slavery. In fact, Courtney said that the Congressional Record shows that the state’s entire delegation voted to abolish slavery. Courtney even linked to documentation on his website.

“I understand that artistic license will be taken and that some facts may
be blurred to make a story more compelling on the big screen, but
placing the State of Connecticut on the wrong side of the historic and
divisive fight over slavery is a distortion of easily verifiable facts
and an inaccuracy that should be acknowledged, and if possible,
corrected before ‘Lincoln’  is released on DVD,” Courtney wrote.

Update: This is all part of the strange fusion this year of Oscar campaigning with D.C. politics. Ben Affleck, whose “Argo” has given “Lincoln” a run for its money in the best picture race, campaigned for Courtney. “Argo” has earned tremendous praise, but also some questions about the extent to which it uses dramatic license, particularly in the movie’s climax.