What began as a topic of dinner conversation a year and a half ago has become an annual event that last year raised more than $200,000
for melanoma research.

Hillary Fogelson, the wife of Universal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson, was already an activist for melanoma research when she sat down with members of the Melanoma Research Foundation.

“We were talking about how there are so many Miles for Melanoma charity runs across the country but none in Los Angeles,” Fogelson said. “We started talking about how Los Angeles is such a unique place to hold a run and asking how Universal could be involved and one thing led to another and here we are today.”

Fogelson knows well the cause for which she is an advocate. Originally diagnosed with melanoma at age 25, she is a three-time survivor, and since being diagnosed, has become a national voice on the issue, including an appearance on the “Today” show, on which she spoke of the need for people to protect themselves from the sun at an early age.

The Fogelsons and Universal are gearing up for their second Miles for Melanoma run, which will be held on the Universal backlot on May 4, starting at 8:30 a.m. Celebrities who have announced their support for the event include Judd Apatow, Dwayne Johnson and Blake Lively, and the Fogelsons will be joined this year by co-hosts Rob and Sheryl Lowe, who is also a survivor of skin cancer.

The inaugural Miles for Melanoma 5K Run/Walk, which was held last May at Universal Studios, saw better than 1,000 people participate.

Since the initial run, Hillary has taken the cause to local radio stations to talked about skin cancer prevention. Her website, Pale Girl Speaks, covers a range of topics that include skin care and melanoma research. She says that after having schooled her two daughters in safety measures, she wants other families to help their children stay sun-safe. “This is when you need to start protecting yourself, not when you are 20,” she said.

As for the event itself, Adam is running. And while he may not cover the entire 5K course, he vowed to improve on running just the final 300 yards, as he did last May.

“I intend to do better each and every year we hold the event,” Adam said, adding, “say what you want to say about this town, but at the end of the day it is a very warm, giving community.”