Universal Folds Physical, Digital Sales and Distribution of Movies, TV Shows Under One Division

Reorg merges Universal's homevid operations under one roof to better leverage digital and other growth opportunities

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Universal Pictures has restructured its home entertainment division, giving it oversight of all physical and digital sales, marketing and distribution of its film and TV shows.

Studio made the move to better streamline its operations and leverage future growth opportunities, especially as digital platforms become a larger revenue stream for Hollywood.

Craig Kornblau, Universal Studios Home Entertainment president, will now oversee the merging of the digital distribution division. The exec manages all aspects of the studio’s domestic home entertainment releases from Universal and Focus Features theatrical pics to NBCUniversal’s TV series, and direct-to-video titles.

“By realigning our operations, Universal will be better positioned strategically to take advantage of growth opportunities in every home entertainment window, which is critical to further expanding our business,” said Peter Levinsohn, Universal’s president and chief distribution officer.

Under the reorg, Michael Bonner will continue to lead domestic digital distribution, which includes all platforms including video-on-demand and electronic sell-through. His title changes to executive VP, digital distribution for USHE, and reports to Levinsohn and Kornblau.

Jessica Schell now becomes executive VP of new media and digital entertainment for Universal Pictures, and reports to Levinsohn. She will focus on expanding the studio’s global expansion onto emerging digital platforms and find ways to take advantage of new technologies like UltraViolet.