Showbiz, Got Your 6 Team to Help Vets

Non-profit org, Biz partner to help veterans re-entering civilian life find work

Showbiz, Got Your 6 Team Help Vets

“I was trained to be a Black Hawk helicopter pilot, and I don’t often find ‘Black Hawk helicopter pilot’ as the title to any of the want ads in the newspapers I look in,” says Army veteran Chris Marvin, managing director of nonprofit Got Your 6, which partners with the entertainment industry to help vets re-entering civilian life find work.

“But when I dive deeper into those job descriptions, I see words like self-starter, responsible, discipline, leadership and team player — and all of these are things that are cultivated in the military at the highest levels,” he says.

(This article is from the pages of the March 26 issue of Variety.)

Got Your 6, which takes its name from pilot slang for the expression “I’ve got your back,” has launched its inaugural Veteran Hiring Week, which runs through March 29. Wells Fargo has donated $1 million for the event, highlighted by two jobs fairs in Los Angeles and Gotham. Got Your 6’s entertainment partners include ABC, HBO, CAA, Paramount, WB and SAG-AFTRA.

“I have been employing veterans on my sets for the past several years, and time and time again, they prove to be some of the hardest-working and most committed team members I have been privileged to work with,” says filmmaker Peter Berg.

Tim Norman, director of Overhead and Technology Recruiting at DreamWorks, who served in the Army during the first Gulf War, calls veterans “dogged and resolute, with proven experience multitasking and excelling in stressful situations.”

Pictured Above: U.S. Marine Corp veteran Ron Meyer supports “Got Your 6” with a rallying event at NBCUniversal last Veterans Day. The org’s job fair takes place this week in Los Angeles and New York.