Ready for Hillary, the SuperPAC raising money in anticipation that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016, held two events on Monday to draw in potential Los Angeles and showbiz donors.

The events included a luncheon at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, hosted by attorney Paul Kiesel and with director Brett Ratner, other lawyers and business executives among the attendees.

On Monday evening, Howard Gordon, producer of “Homeland,” and his wife Cami hosted a cocktail reception at their Pacific Palisades home, with 20th Century Fox TV’s Gary Newman, WME Entertainment’s Rick Rosen and director George Nolfi among those attending.

Although the events were not fund raisers, the org in November held a low-dollar event in downtown Los Angeles, and has collected contributions from such industry figures as producer Marcy Carsey, who gave $25,000 earlier this year, and writer-producer Bonnie Turner, who gave $10,000. David Wolf, who raised money for President Obama’s reelection last year, is serving as California finance consultant for Ready for Hillary.

Jeffrey Katzenberg has pledged to help raise money for another SuperPAC, Priorities USA, which raised money for Obama’s reelection and is expected to shift to Clinton should she run.

That is the big if. Clinton has not said whether she will wage a campaign, and she is not working with either effort. But she has been on an avid schedule of speeches and accepting awards, including two visits she made to Los Angeles last month.