Union healthcare workers at the Motion Picture Television Fund hospital and long-term care facility have planned a three-day strike for March 18-21 if they have not reached a successor deal on a contract.

MPTF CEO Bob Beitcher has responded by announcing that management will seek replacement workers.

The move by the unit of the Service Employees International Union-United Healtcare Workers was announced Friday night, a day after a negotiating session with a federal mediator. The next session is set for March 13.

The union, which has been working with an expired contract, has been pushing for an increase in staffing levels at the facilities in Woodland Hills.

“During the bargaining period, we have provided SEIU-UHW with all of the information requested and while they have not reciprocated, we have nevertheless continued to bargain in good faith and continue to try to find an avenue toward resolution,” Beitcher said.

Beitcher also said, “Consequently, on Monday we will begin polling our represented employees on their intention to report to work during the strike and will initiate plans to replace those who are choosing to honor the strike. “