Latest WGA Report Reveals 85% of Members Are Grateful to Be White Males

Hollywood and Swine: This was not produced by Variety, but we find it very funny

WGA Report: 85% Members Grateful to Be White Males - Humor

On the heels of last week’s Writers Guild of America study that revealed TV writing staffs continue to be overwhelmingly made up of white male writers, the WGA released a follow-up report today that discovered 85% percent of WGA members are extremely grateful to be white males.

(From the pages of the April 2 issue of Variety.)

According to white male writer and WGA president Chris Keyser, the latest report helped calm the nerves of numerous WGA white male members who see minority and female writers as a threat to their jobs.

“Most of the time being a TV or film writer is really discouraging, so it’s nice to finally read a report that makes me feel better about myself,” white male TV writer Greg O’Donnell tells Hollywood & Swine. “All of the white male WGA members I’ve talked to are doing their best to make sure nothing changes.”

Following the WGA’s earlier report, the United States House of Representatives immediately began considering bipartisan legislation that would force Hollywood to use different hiring practices than they did during the past television season.

Members of Congress believe strongly that something drastic has to be done to prevent the nation from having to sit through a repeat of the 2012-13 television season that premiered such dreadful shows as “Animal Practice,” “666 Park Avenue,” “Guys With Kids,” “Ben and Kate,” “Partners,” “Mob Doctor,” “Do No Harm” and “Zero Hour.”

Tyler Perry, the creator and executive producer of the TBS hit sitcoms “For Better or Worse,” “House of Payne” and “Meet the Browns,” is hoping other television showrunners follow his example and stop judging writers on the basis of gender or race.

“Anyone who has watched my shows knows that I don’t care if a writer is white, black, Asian, male or female,” Perry says. “The only thing I care about is making sure none of the writers are actually funny.”

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