Inspired by the record setting fund-raising campaign to finance a movie version of the TV series “Veronica Mars,” which raised over $2 million in less than 12 hours on the website Kickstarter on March 13, a campaign to raise money to pay Doug Ellin not to make his planned “Entourage” film collected over $3 million in less than two hours. The anti-“Entourage” movie campaign was started by Grant Elliot, a fan of “Entourage” when it was good, but like most of America, stopped watching when it became terrible.

“I’m surprised we didn’t make more, since it’s a proven fact that for every fan of ‘Veronica Mars’ in the world, there’s at least a thousand people who believe an ‘Entourage’ film is a horrible idea,” Elliot told Hollywood & Swine. “I’m pretty confident Doug Ellin won’t have much integrity as an artist and will take the money from Kickstarter.”

According to a Kickstarter spokesperson, the money raised from the campaign will not only go to pay Ellin to retire, but will also go to cover the cast of “Entourage’s” health insurance, since the only reason they agreed to do the “Entourage” film was to qualify for their SAG health benefits.

Among the incentives being offered to prospective backers:

  •  For $10,000 or more, a chance to personally burn a page from Ellin’s recently completed shooting script for the “Entourage” movie.
  •   For $5,000, backers will receive Ellin’s cell phone number so they can call and tell him exactly where they believe “Entourage” went down the drain as a series.
  • For $2,500, backers will receive one of the numerous unsold DVD copies of the 8th and final season of “Entourage.”

In related news, upon hearing about the millions raised to stop “Entourage: The Movie” on Kickstarter, the creators of several terrible shows that were canceled announced plans to turn their shows into movies, including “Animal Practice,” “Partners,” “Work-It” and “Mob Doctor.”

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