If PewDiePie Is YouTube’s Top Talent, We’re All Doomed

PewDiePie Top Talent

Meet the gibberish-spouting clown who’s bringing Western civilization to a screeching halt

As an entertainment industry professional, you are obligated to check out anything and everything in the media business that’s attracting buzz out there. How can you reasonably expect to produce successful content if you aren’t familiar with how other people out there are succeeding?

But before getting a glimpse of what is the hottest attraction on YouTube right now, here’s a one-word warning: Don’t. Not if you want to retain your sanity.

Because if you are over voting age and take a look at PewDiePie, your reaction will be fear — in more ways than one.

PewDiePie (rhymes with ‘cutie pie’) is the alter ego of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a 23-year-old Swede who has 12.6 million subscribers on YouTube. That’s more than any other of the pop-culture figures you’d expect would be the frontrunner, from Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga.

And how does someone you’ve never heard of manage to get 2.6 billion views for his videos, which are part of the vast stable of channels operated by multichannel network Maker Studios? Blathering like a blithering idiot, apparently.

Foul-mouthed PewDiePie jabbers nonsensically to the fans he calls “bros” primarily about videogames in a voice that reminds you of a young Bobcat Goldthwait between hits of nitrous oxide.

Try this test: Sample a PewDiePie video. If a barrage of images and sounds that enthrall so many come across as positively incomprehensible to you, congratulations: You just confronted the cold, stark reality that you are horribly, irrevocably old.

That can be the only explanation as to what separates you from so many others who actually appreciate this content. To look at PewDiePie slack-jawed is to look in a mirror and see your own irrelevancy staring back at you.

Truth be told, he’s not all that different stylistically from previous top YouTubers, going back to the Fred Figglehorn character that became one of YouTube’s first breakout stars several years ago, or Smosh, the comedy duo that is still going strong at No. 2. But the aggressive stupidity of PewDiePie may finally force a question the world has postponed addressing for far too long: What does the popularity of these dolts say about the generation of kids worldwide that are making them icons?

What’s scary is that there is no way to dismiss this as some kind of outlier phenomenon that will come and go. PewDiePie is not some viral one-off where the novelty fades the second the video ends. To the contrary, Kjellberg has methodically built himself a mini-empire by posting videos frequently instead of coasting on a hit or two.

The frenetic aesthetic he’s helping shape on YouTube is simply too humongous to remain contained to the platform. Surely the day is nigh when that wild style will make its way on air, i.e., “World News Tonight With PewDiePie.”

But how PewDiePie and his ilk will infect the culture at large is an open question: The talent bred on YouTube could make the leap to other media. Or those already on TV will start adopting the aesthetic of YouTube. Perhaps the boundary between YouTube and TV won’t exist anymore. Maybe all three of those options will come to pass.

Perhaps we can comfort ourselves that the PewDiePies of the world are just phases teenagers will age out of and mature into more refined programming tastes. Or maybe this is a sign of a coarsening to come.

Call me a codger, but it’s worth considering that the democratization of content distribution YouTube is enabling may carry with it a downside: an increasing supply of dumbed-down content. With a little luck, PewDiePie will be offset by more intelligent options that prove just as popular.

Otherwise, we’re just left with psycho babble.

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  1. Anti-BS says:

    I’m sorry for everything hurtful that I have said here. I want to stop the hate now and start just ignoring. Peace and love!

  2. Aditya says:

    You are afraid of pewdiepie’s success. Just because you don’t understand his videos and the humour behind it, you describe them as ‘ gibberish’. Stop writing against him, and quit this journalism, otherwise no one will care about you.

    • nobody says:


    • Anti-BS says:

      Yeah, and I actually want to ask him–is he playing the smart/intelligent one? because if he is, it’s not working…

  3. Anti-BS says:

    can you really write articles like this and get them published? i feel weird after reading this…

    • nobody says:

      I reply because I keep seeing swarms of dipshits leaving comments on this article ever since the first fucking comment I made, and none of you are getting any smarter than the last shitheads.

    • nobody says:

      All you keep calling anyone who calls you out on your stupidity “the writer”. If he gave half a shit about what some on the internet said, he would have posted using his own damn account. You really are sad individuals.

      • Anti-BS says:

        you’re not…(even though you replied to almost every comment here…haahaha)

        sorry. ahahahha. seriously, i can not.! hahaha

      • Anti-BS says:

        hahaha. sorry for wasting your time but this is really fun, “the writer”. And this is really entertaining (i feel guilty but reading your comments almost translate to me as entertainment–the funny cringey ones).

        Also, i admit it, you’re not the auhtor of this article (*dies*, cant stop giggling containing an eternal laugh hahahahahahha; really, i can not!)

        you’re not the author. remember, you’re not. hsahahhahahaha

      • Anti-BS says:

        yeah. so true; i do really like where you’re going there.

    • Anti-BS says:

      sir, the use of words, the way you portray him is not fair. but really, admit it, he’s talented. lol

    • nobody says:

      Also, you ARE stupid and unintelligent. Or you wouldn’t be here, falsely defending a person on an opinion article, for the sole reason of “pewdiepie said antisemitic things and now i have to defend him from any and all criticism by everyone because fake news fake news fake news,doesn’t matter if i’m defending him on something relevant to him or even recent, i’m gonna be a dipshit and post blind praise”

      • Anti-BS says:

        how is this a blind praise? you’ve totally lost your mind.

      • Anti-BS says:

        *i only read this section today i mean, and find it interesting (cant type well while laughing)

      • Anti-BS says:

        hahaha. ive read this article (scanned through, i mean) several months ago, and only find this comment section interesting. hahaha; you’re desperate, dude.

    • nobody says:

      I’m not the moron who sprouted up solely because of entirely unrelated articles coming up about pewdiepie being a nazi. That has nothing to do with anything. You’re barking up the wrong retard tree here.

      • Anti-BS says:

        also, stop with the generalizations, i just commented how i felt and asked if this is a real one after reading your BS article.

    • nobody says:

      How? The article is saying exactly what the rest of the world should think. pewdiepie is and was a fucking retard that has an audience of children that are going to grow up to be as retarded as he is. Go find a nazi article to debunk instead of wasting your time here, “anti-bs”

      • Anti-BS says:

        i mean ethics, sir, and objectivity…if this is how news and people should be thinking of him, then should i call you a retarded hater then? i mean, you may have personal reasons but you’re like shoving every hate you have on him to people’s faces and it’s stupid.

  4. David Fallah says:

    I didn’t read a single sentence of your article but I can tell straightaway that it’s awful and completely wrong about everything. PRAISE KEK.

    • Anti-BS says:

      dont try to, dude

    • nobody says:

      In your mentally handicapped quest to fight for “free speech” and attack “fake news”, you’ve taken to assaulting an opinion piece made THREE years ago. BEFORE the shit you’re worried about. Moron. You wouldn’t be here shouting “praise kek” if you weren’t, so don’t start. You’re here because you’re crusading with your stupid bullshit, and it’s not going to result in anything good if you continue to blindly attack everyone that doesn’t immediately call pewdiepie the best thing they’ve ever seen in the title.

    • nobody says:

      you’re a moron and you’re killing your own cause by latching onto this just like the children who already posted a hundred times before you. THIS IS AN OLD ARTICLE. IT DOESN’T HAVE A THING TO DO WITH THE PEWDIEPIE NAZI STUFF. YOU’RE DOING THE SJW TACTIC OF IGNORING THINGS BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY’LL GO AGAINST YOUR WORLDVIEW!

  5. Harry Shkuratoff III says:

    The fact that your writing gets published is what dooms us.

  6. JRM says:

    Not to be offensive to writers and producers but your act against you-tubers especially towards pew die pie, who devotes time and effort into making favorable videos for the public, deserves an apology. Having a little more influence towards people doesn’t give anyone the right to slander and defame other people. What would you guys feel if all you-tubers joined up and promoted videos against your company? Think about it, millions of subscribers spreading negative rumors about your magazine. wouldn’t that be painful for your business. I also cant believe you published a cover photo of a known you-tuber in such an obscene way. I know jealousy and envy goes a long way but seriously that move was way below the belt. Try putting yourselves on you-tubers shoes and try creating good content out of limited means while being helped by a small group of people. these people are even more creative than people think because they are able to produce contents that attracts people, and mind you not all you-tube videos possess poor content. In fact, a great deal of knowledge is stored in some of you-tube’s videos, more that what any magazine can provide. Also, as a reminder to all, never forget to respect the rights and dignity of other people because it is in this small actions that discrimination, anger, and hate starts.

    • nobody says:

      why is every pewdiepie defender so god damn feeble minded? You people have no fucking clue why pewdiepie is hated because you don’t even bother to read the article! You just read the headline, rush down here and cry for several years, cementing his damn argument! So stupid! Do you think you’re the only person who gets spoken against in opinion pieces? You don’t even know what the word “obscene” means! You’re so uneducated and simple that it’s like you’re TRYING to prove his point!

      • jednj says:

        Dude the way you reacted shows that you have a serious bias. The guy said reasonable things, and you just labelling him as a”Pewdiepie Defender” shows a sad lack of maturity. This article doesn’t seem to explain anything, and is one of the reasons why previous generations feel so disconnected to “Generation z” (or whatever it is called). This article showed clear bias towards pewdiepie, and if you are too blinded by your oh so important views then you can be safely categorized into a group yourself a “pewdiepie hater”. Luckily, pewdiepie added almost 40 million more subscribers on youtube to the number mentioned on this article, and his videos have been viewed over 14 billion times. He has even switched up his content, making it funnier and even better than before, and even though he is not at all my favorite youtuber, I respect him for reaching a feat that not even Justin Bieber with his millions of fans and record labels, and money and everything or Beyonce with all her great empowerment, and talent, and sexiness haven’t reached with just a computer and a mike in his room

  7. Anonymous says:

    This guy is a jerk. Pewdiepie has made people happy watching his videos. I’ve read comments in his videos, that Pewdiepie has also seen where people go from not feeling so well in life, to feeling much happier. This Andrew guy, author of this atrocious article, has failed to realize and most likely doesn’t want to believe that he has changed so many of his fans’ lives by giving them smiles annd having better outlooks in life. If he hates Pewdiepie that much, he can simply click the “X” in the upper right hand corner of his internet window to close his videos, and not watch his channel. It really is that simple. I wish Andrew was nicer in this article instead of whining like a child stuck inside an adult body. Better yet, have a different author write this article so it’s not so heavily critical on Pewdiepie and also see the good aspects with what he does. For example, he does donate to various charities. He cares a lot about his fans as well and is a really nice guy. Surprise!!! He has a heart!!! But hey, that’s just my two cents. Anyone who replies to this is just an angry parent or anyone older for that matter (including people 20 and up, and then to a lesser degree anyone younger than 20).

  8. newenne says:

    I’m almost tempted to find some of your other articles to see if you also anonymously defend the exaggerated points of view in those, too. But…. cbf. So I’ll just keep trolling you here, instead.
    Do you ever actually sleep, Andrew? Or do you stay awake by your email awaiting people’s replies?

    • anonymous says:

      Yea, but a lot of Youtubers such as Kubz Scoutz or Alberts Stuff etc do the exact same thing.

    • someone says:

      I know you’re completely fucking delusional but think for a moment: Why would he wait so long to start replying to people commenting on the article? Why would it only happen years later, not on any of the others? And why anonymously? About an opinion piece? Are you that fucking ignorant that you think so little of anyone who doesn’t share your warped vision of reality? It sure seems so, because you’ve become quite the conspiracy theorist in the two days that you’ve hung around here. You’re moments away from declaring hillary clinton a malfunctioning illuminati clone.

      • newenne says:

        Dude. I mean mad, like as in are you angry? Are you angry, bro? I guess I shouldn’t expect someone of your age to know that meme (you look old in your photo).
        Did I say someone was out to get me? Don’t think so. Are you having multiple trolls in your various comments areas around the interwebs? Can’t seem to keep track of what you’re saying to whom, can you?

      • someone says:

        yes, continue to descend into madness. everyone is out to get you.

      • newenne says:

        I don’t know man. Some weird, arrogant people out there. Don’t put the onus on me to explain your egos and tendencies. By the way, you mad bro? You’re rather excitable aren’t you?

  9. Ari says:

    For you to call things that you do not understand stupid is a sign of your own ignorance. To make generalizations about his audience based on their tastes and personal preferences is just funny.

    Is this actually satire or a clickbait?

    • someone says:

      All your idiotic and exaggerated responses to a several year old opinion piece kind of proves you wrong, there.

      • someone says:

        Wow, you really are warped. I was right on the button when I said you were projecting.

      • newenne says:

        You must see the irony in saying “quit replying to people on the internet”…
        Anyway, is your writing still like this piece above or did you… get over yourself? Never mind. You don’t need to actually answer that :)

      • someone says:

        It “means what you think” the same way creationists think there’s scientific evidence for the world being only 6000 years old. Also you’re starting to exhibit that “psychosis” yourself there, bub. Quit replying to people on the internet. It means you have brain problems.

      • newenne says:

        I actually looked up ‘psychosis’ just in case. Yup, means exactly what I thought, and I definitely stand by it. I could come back every day and troll you here since you bite every time but I can’t be bothered (how can you?). I’m really just here for one reason. To ask seriously… did you write this “several year old opinion piece”?

      • someone says:

        I like that the people who respond to me have no concept of time and think that spending 10-20 seconds writing a response every few weeks to a month is somehow a crippling blow to my schedule, like I have to rewrite them all every time. Nice armchair psychiatry by the way, but it would be better if you actually looked up “psychosis”, because you’ll probably find it doesn’t mean what you think it does. Seems to be hinting at projection, to me.

      • newenne says:

        Wow, how do you have time to comment on so many responses over the past several years? And more importantly, why? A bit obsessive. It’s as if you were the author protecting your little piece. I find you much more interesting than the article. I’m not a fan of the Youtuber in question but this article you love so much is clearly exaggerated and ranting, a bit like you. What you have done here over the years in my opinion has some elements of psychosis. Or at least is a result of quite an extreme ego. But power to you. A way to fill your bored, lonely days I guess.

  10. TL;DR: OP doesn’t like YouTuber because he makes him feel old.

  11. Alexander Blue-Heart says:

    I just feel like this editorial is wrong somehow. I mean freedom of expression is important, but the fact that PDP will “halt Western civilization” is an hyperbole which is offending and completely cancels his other achievements. He has in a way “continued the progressing culture of the human race as a whole.. In fact, he is the reason YouTube became an Internet powerhouse from the relatively small video-sharing site it was. PewDiePie has in some way revitalized teen culture into another phase which some people may hate.

    I am a teenager. I am politically active. I am intelligent. I am a PewDiePie bro. If a person states that all PDP’s followers are nothing but below-50-IQ idiots, then that’s very flawed, since there is lots of evidence to prove otherwise.

    So here I am and I dare “someone”, the damned comment-lord of this section to tell me, in your time as a teenager, was there a new progression or phase of society that you liked, but was attacked? This is exactly what is happening right now. See yourself in our shoes, then continue your attacks!

    • someone says:

      1. Have you never heard of someone putting on a face in public? Do you not know that people know that they have to look good to maintain the audience?

      2. Not only is that education bit an incredibly sweeping and biased generalization of his fans, but regardless of their education level, they certainly fail to meet a lot of intelligence requirements, and have a lot of ignorance and naïvety about the world they live in.

      You aren’t the standard. You’re an outlier. But you’re still just like the rest of them: Ignorant and stupid.

    • someone says:

      Not only is pewdiepie lowest common denominator humor, but youtube was doing just fine LONG before he came around, and just because you never heard of it before him, doesn’t mean it wasn’t. Also, you say you’re “politically active”, is that the “burns paintings of ‘white men’ and screams in the face of ‘white cis male oppressors’ while protesting everything that moves” active, or do you actually have a brain on you? Sure hope it’s the latter, because pewdiepie’s sad excuse for jokes flies in the face of all that! You also seem to forget that pewdiepie is playing a character. He doesn’t care about you, he never will, and he’ll only do things if it makes weak minded people excuse his actions for it. He isn’t “progressing culture”. If you weren’t so mesmerized by his videos, you’d know that much. Of course, you’re the type of person who thinks youtube was nothing before him, so it proves your incredibly thick bias towards him, and your ignorance of the world around you as a result of your heavy focus on him. You’re taking your warped ideas and pushing them as fact.

      • Alex BH says:

        First of all, I do not protest that because I am in a different country. I am an active internet activist for the social democratic cause
        Second, you also have an ignorance to say that PewDiePie does not care about his follwers, when he does the opposite. In meet-ups and other instances, he shows his compassion to others, in unorthodox, but still meaningful ways
        Third, it is offending to say that all of us are stupid. How can Bros be stupid, if they have gone to top universities, high schools and colleges, and have passed them relatively well. A 12-year old Valedictorian with multiple distinctions watching PewDiePie is normal. I have shown to you who I really am. This is an epitome of arguments against your thinking. So, who are you offending now

  12. Felix says:

    Game Theory really shows you in a new light. i originally though you where just assholes.

  13. ImJustSaying says:

    I’m not a PewdiePie Fan. In fact, I haven’t watched a single of his videos. So i’m not going to be does unrealistic people who tell you “he’s good cus he makes me laugh”. I don’t get why you people are criticizing him. He must be a great comedian and persona to be #1 in Youtube. And for all you criticizing his methods…well, they work, don’t they? Gets a few million every year from making gaming videos. What’s wrong with that? In fact, I envy his lucky ass, making millions just from posting videos.

    But i don’t hate or even dislike him, unlike the rest of you.

    • someone says:

      “Lowest common denominator”

      • ebebj says:

        Dude you are worse than all these people you keep spamming with replies. A troll keyboard warrior, who is mad at the world, and trying to project his hate unto someone that not only does not know you exist, but will probably laugh hard reading your shit comments and think to himself “what a loser”, just like everyone you replied to is probably thinking. Discover yourself and what is good for you, and then try and be successful with that. No need to hate on a guy because of his own success

  14. phang duncan says:

    I feel this article is terribly attention-grabbing and doesn’t cover most of the reasons why PewDiePie is popular, just saying that he’s an idiot. Though I find PewDiePie’s crackpot sense of humor funny, I’m not totally going to side with him either. As put by various other users, PewDiePie is popular because fans feel they speak to him. It feels personal. Just saying PewDiePie’s fanbase is retarded is just dumb. They’re being entertained, and PewDiePie fans feel good after they watch his videos. Most of you are seriously overreacting and taking PewDiePie fans as worshipping him as a cult god.

    • someone says:

      First of all, it’s not an analysis article, it’s an opinion piece. Second of all, the comments section and dare I say the channel’s videos’ own comments are proof positive that the people who surround him are lacking intellectually, without even going into the content of his videos.

      • someone else says:

        I suspect the comments on his videos are evidence that his audience is *incredibly* young. While they are possibly lacking intellect, their primary issue is a lack of age.

  15. normalguycap says:

    I love this article and I love the responses of that “someone” in the comments. A voice of reason accurately pointing out the stupidity and frightening brainwashing of that literal cult.

  16. Emily Horan says:

    Pewdiepie is fucking funny and you are just another one of his dumb haters. When he makes videos it feels like he is actually trying to talk to me. He always tries to connect with his fans as if we were just friends hanging out. Even if he does swear and yell at least he is still being funny and trying to make us laugh. His reactions are hilarious. He is the next big comedian. If you don’t like what he does than you arent in to pop culture obviously because there are so many people out there who are famous for doing absolutely nothing like if someone in their family was a star and they just get that money. Honestly you have no good points in your article. He helps people get through hard times, just by posting a video a day. Making videos is actually a very long process and he films everyday just for the fans. For all of you fuckers in the comments saying “hey are you trying to defend him?” We are defending him because he always makes us laugh and smile when we are down so you know what go screw yourselves. Pewdiepie is a funny comedian who over 41 million people believe in and you’re just jealous that you will never have that many people supporting you. Seriously he is funny and tries to connect with his bros. I strongly recommend you delete this article because so many of us bros are getting pissed and if 41 million people come at you, you’re screwed. I’m done here. Brofist👊👊

    • someone says:

      ^^cult behavior

      also he doesn’t even get “41 million people” watching his fucking videos, btw. Also who gives a fuck if he makes you laugh, nobody else shits themselves over criticism of another person as much as the Cult of Pewdiepie.

      • dunno lol says:

        wow ever heard of a joke dumbass??? lmao

      • someone says:

        So I guess we’ve proven that pewdiepie’s fanbase is too retarded to even understand numbers.

      • dunno lol says:

        oh SORRY for not knowing how many people actually watch him. and you’re right, 41 million people don’t watch him, probably more than that

      • dunno lol says:

        ^^ @someone god damn stop commenting on everyone’s comment because you don’t disagree with them. attention whore. and don’t fucking expect people not to defend somebody who has 41 million people who pretty much love him.

  17. Griffin says:

    (sigh) clickbaiting 101, making fun of a celebrity like this just hoping and praying that their fans will rush in to defend them, and when we do ur just saying “oooooooooo so many views!” while secretly watching Pewds.

  18. Cath says:

    Do you guys even know why people like Pewds?? He is not some “blathering” idiot, he actually makes people laugh. And what’s really special? He interacts to the audience like we’re his friends. I actually feel like he’s talking to me directly when I watch his videos, not through a screen. He cares about us. All he is doing is being happy and doing what he loves, so stop shaming on him! YouTube SURE is doomed, my ass!

    • Jesse James says:

      I strongly recommend that your parents take away your internet privileges. And one more thing ignorant child “I strongly recommend you delete this article because so many of us bros are getting pissed and if 41 million people come at you, you’re screwed” Threatening the use of violence to hamper or deter freedom of speech and freedom of the press so congrats I just contacted the Department of Homeland Security, N.S.A, and the F.B.I cyber crimes unit and sent them a transcipt of obvious subversion of American ideals and liberties

    • someone says:

      Notice that your only form of defense is telling me I never saw any of his videos, and continuing to repeat statements of your own personal thoughts that can’t be proven even through simple observation.

      And who cares if they made you laugh? If that’s all he needs to be of worth to you, you’re not setting the bar remotely high enough. You’re saying with your own words that you have no standards.

    • someone says:

      He’s not the first person to do that sort of thing and he won’t be the last. He doesn’t “care” about you. You’re brainwashing yourself. He says what you want to hear, and then you’re hooked.

      • ... says:

        How would you know? You probably haven’t watched one of his videos. Felix cares about us more than the money, etc. We’re not brainwashing ourselves, we’re simply just watching somebody who makes us laugh, why are you so against that?

  19. Edith says:

    You hate on youtubers like Felix, even though you probably haven’t watched one video of his, and call them talentless because they make people laugh and happy. They have done nothing wrong, they’re just having fun. If you’re going to blame any celebrity for doing something wrong you should blame people like Miley Cyrus, The Kardashians, etc. They’re teaching the next generation to be sluts. You’re really pathetic, blaming people for making other people HAPPY and then call them morons. Go die in hell

    • Jesse James says:

      Edith wow how old are you 105? with a name like Edith you have be at least nine decades old. And one more thing are people not dead when they get to hell? Yea bitch you are threatening holy crap do idiots even know the definition of the word it is terroristic threats and it also would be a violation of his constitutional rights and variety’s right of freedom of press I find the guy annoying yes but that’s it his fan however are a bunch of junkies literally junkies one condemnation of him and they berserk and they need to learn how the real world works you cannot threaten violence for a differing opinion but anymore im starting to believe violence and and other forms of harassment should be used against these loons they wanna act like a bunch of psychotic rabid dogs time to put them down like the rabid dogs they are.

    • someone says:

      You cultish dipshits are completely fucking oblivious to your own actions! Do you know how many of you drooling morons THREATENED Variety and the writer? How many, including yourself, took this article as some personal attack and felt the need to defend someone who doesn’t give a fuck about you and doesn’t need your help? How much you’ve all said that isn’t even relevant to anything? You live in your own world where you do no wrong and worship Pewdiepie as a god, but you refuse to acknowledge that you do, even immediately after you prove through your own actions that it’s the way you see things. Get bent.

      • Edith says:

        Idiot, we aren’t “threatening” we’re simply making a comment and opinion about the article. So what we defend somebody? Are you new to the Internet or something? And you’re saying we “worship” Felix like he’s a god. No, we don’t dipshit. We simply enjoy his videos and when there is hate about him, we stand up for him. You’re basically saying that liking somebody who makes us happy is bad. We’re aloud to make bad statements about a writer on here if they talk shit about somebody who does nothing but good for his fans. You just want so much attention don’t you? Replying to all the other comments to start a fight. Pathetic.

    • someone says:

      Are you idiots ever going to stop defending a person who is in no way going to be uncomfortable with criticism, to people who aren’t reading, with assumptions that this is all they ever do because you don’t fucking read anything that has nothing to do with pewdiepie? Do you listen to yourselves? Because you’re proving this guy’s point with how stupid you are.

      • Edith says:

        Us… Freaking out? You’re the one using caps and acting immature about this whole situation. And I’m pretty sure you’re jealous since you’re literally just commenting on why YouTube is so stupid and horrible when all it’s doing is making people laugh and making them happy. You seem to have some kind of anger issues, chill for once.

      • Edith says:

        That’s cute, cause when I looked through some of these comments, it seemed you just HAD to reply to almost all of them. Jealous much? And what makes you think I haven’t read this whole article? I’m not stupid enough to hate on something I haven’t even read/seen. Grow up would you and let us have our opinions on things and don’t freak out over everything.

  20. Juyuan says:

    variety, I wish your b!tch-ass company will fall some day and all backs turned on you. You don’t know Pewdiepie and don’t call him Foul mouthed. You are the one that is foul mouthed, while others made videos of fun and montages, you only know how to insult. You don’t even know how to insult people, childish fucks. Go to hell, you don’t even own YouTube. You only own the stupid variety stuff and oh lol like who pays attention to variety. See? I did now even put your name or whatever word it is in capital letters. Other than telling us Pewdiepie sucks you should go to UK and say it in front of Pewds you blackass pussy shit. I think that Pewds should help you with magazines cover and title cuz hes better in doing that than you cuz oh my gosh…those covers sucks sooooooooooooooo badly it didn’t even attracted people you only have a million people who support you but Pewdiepie has 42 million people alright? So shut the fuck up and learn from him dumbass.

    • Jesse James says:

      How is anything in the article vulgar and the guy is white you fans really need to respect other peoples opinions shut up be a decent human being who respects others opinions and every one of your responses is the damn same your just jealous its already as old as the affluenza defense.

    • someone says:

      You’ve literally only read this one article, you illiterate ape. You don’t know what Variety does. You’re just whining because they don’t agree with you on something. What a fucking waste of space you are. Pewdiepie doesn’t even get that many views on new videos. his “people” can’t even be dedicated to him in ways that matter. Only clowns like you who take opposing views as personal attacks and try to build armies to “fight” an enemy that doesn’t exist. Also why are you asking Pewdiepie to do things he doesn’t fucking do? Do you even know your “hero” any better than you know Variety?

  21. Bro Army says:

    This is nonsense,horrible and the worst article I have ever seen, you are just jealous about how much does he made , well let me tell you , if you want to get as much money as he does , than get off your chair and get a better job , don’t sit there and write rubbish in front of your computer , and by the way , I surely recommend you to delete this article right now , or else you are going to have a bad future after more bros seeing this garbage article
    Pewdiepie is the best gamer ever in the whole world , you dirty people just get used to this truth .Brofist 👊👊✊

    • someone says:

      Also your threats just prove him right. you can’t stand a world without pewdiepie. You live for him. You’d die for him. You’ve turned a fucking incompetent moron’s videos into a cult.

    • someone says:

      You have no intelligence to speak of. You don’t know anything outside of pewdiepie. You think the only possible reason for someone to hate pewdiepie is jealousy, even with overwhelming evidence. You don’t even know what a gamer is, and you think you have the right to call him “the best” because you love his screaming and rape jokes. Pleasediepie.

      • Anti-BS says:


      • Anti-BS says:

        omg, you’re too dedicated with your sh*t. if there’s only a good point written up there, these criticisms to your writing and you as well wouldnt happen.

        i suggest if you were to comment or give opinions about something you dont know well, just stop. your words were judging someone, it’s generalizing him and really, just by reading the article, you’d realy feel how subjective the writer is and how much he does not know about the topic.

        But i wish you well. Please don’t kill yourself or something, OR let’s just say that, if really have to write articles (because its your job and you’re asked to), before saying something about something you dont really know much about–do more research, then give your opinion. the use of the words you chose to use on the above article doesnt do good and support your opinion–it makes it cringey and gets you these so much haters.

        im not a native english speaker (so dont judge me and call me stupid an unintelligent).

  22. Get out of here bigot. You are simply jealous he’s making more than just a livibg doing something he loves. If you are bashing his “nonsense” you might as well puke on every comedian the world has known

  23. someone says:

    The fact that your opinion of an entertainment news and opinion site is swayed by whether or not they like whatever dirtbag you like is really telling of your intelligence. Especially since it’s the only article you’ve ever read, and regardless of the opinion expressed within, it would have been the only one you’d ever have read. You’re not even worth anyone’s time, but here you are, expressing an opinion nobody important will read and nobody else but people like you will agree with and care about. Your sad lonely fandom obsesses to such a point that you make everyone even remotely like you look just as bad. Get out of here.

  24. Falcon Lover says:

    m80, stfu

  25. Someone says:

    I never heard a more stupid article in my whole life. I mean like wtf?! Pewds is just doing what he likes and that’s just the way he is. If you’re trying to make fun of everyone for it, then YOU’RE the disgrace in human society. Tell me, which one is better? Watching a youtuber who has to come up with ideas everyday in order to spread his humor and entertainment with people who have problems, issues or depression OR reading stupid articles where they just complain about anything and everything. This article is a disgrace. Even though not all of us here is part of the bro army, I know that most people will agree that this article was the REAL JOKE. SO FUNNY AHHAHA. So much sarcasm for one day. This is not worth talking more for. Peace out suckers–

  26. likalaruku says:

    Markiplier & PewDiePie are nice once in awhile, & I’ll admit I laughed my ass off totheir LPs of Among the Sleep & Yandere Simulator, but I’ll never understand why they’re more popular than game reviewers who can act, sing, voice act, work with scripts, use special effects, & weeks slaving over editing & polishing, like JonTron, Peanutbuttergamer, Caddicarus, SpaceHamster, ProJared, BrutalMoose, & Angry Joe.

  27. Minerva says:

    Bro army, we have found a bunch of stupid barrels. It’s time to defend our leader.

  28. TopTIPofTHEDICK says:


  29. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz says:

    I guess someone shuts his/her mouth when an intelligent comment comes. He may be intelligent, but isn’t intelligence only used in a wise manner, and not in crappy re-comments to others who actually have a different interpretation of PewDiePie’s popularity? In fact, counter-intuitive to my name (mental block) I am smart and, here’s the thing, I like PewDiePie. Isn’t that against his/her entire argument? Ok, someone, fight my comment, I dare you. I DOUBLE-DARE YOU.

    P.S. Don’t use my quote against me

    • someone says:

      what’s smart about you getting pissy that a really old internet article is talking about how shitty pewdiepie is? Are his sex/rape jokes just that top notch? Have you fallen for his insultingly unrealistic over-acting to every little thing that happens? Are you turned on by really loud white noise babble? None of that really changes anything though, because you’re fucking picking fights with people because you are so fucking stupid that you only see silence as a win condition, not as someone deciding not to put up with your retarded dribbling any longer. Jump off a bridge, and may your form of reasoning never be passed on to another generation.

  30. Whywouldigivemyrealnameontheinternet? says:

    Well to say that every minor likes him is just quick judgement. I’m a minor (not going to give away my specific age of course but let’s just say I’m under 18) and I don’t like him. In my opinion he’s just a retarded Swedish faggot who makes money just by playing crappy games and screaming and shouting like a pig that’s being tortured. He also just makes really non-humorous jokes about rape. Sure he can donate to charity and that’s nice. Afterall he probably has so much money from his crappy videos that he might as well throw some away. Fun fact : in 1980 Iraq’s brutal dictator got the keys to Detroit for donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to a local church. Now saddam hussein brutally oppressed his own citizens and even used poisoning gas on them. Just comes to show that people who donate money to charities and churches aren’t always nice.

  31. Anya says:

    Thanks for posting that video edit though. Laughed to tears 😂
    Love Pewdiepie ❤

  32. Claymore says:

    To All Pewdiepie fans, they want you to come and defend him because it gets them “clicks which in turn makes them money. No one watches TV anymore and hardly anyone buys magazines.. this is a way for them to make desperate cash on a new generation of entertainment that they know nothing about and in turn can not make money out of it. Pewdiepie’s fans “Bros” are in the millions so of course you all will come to defend him. They’re basically playing your loyalty for money so don’t comment. I know I did.. just thought I’ed spread the word..

  33. Lime says:

    you are are wrong about pewdiepie and one day i hope you understand tha felix makes as laugh and there is no one like him…Shout out to the game theorists

  34. Ali Salami says:

    This is why i hate society we criticise for no reason pewdiepie does what he wanna does and you social media are just going ruining this generation’s enetertainment for what? just to make a few extra bucks it’s pathetic to see the old generation do something they tell us not to do

    • someone says:

      You don’t know what “social media” means you fucking retard. You’re kind of proving his point that it takes really, really dumb people to enjoy his content… Ironic you talk about “just to make a few extra bucks” when the entire reason “Felix” there hoots and hollers and makes tasteless jokes about sex and things to minors, which make up a large portion of his audience (and you cannot deny this) is a thing is because idiots like you fund it. It is the exact same situation you described but the other way around.

      • Is name calling and throwing insults all that we can do when our tastes in entertainment differ? How sad. Society has better things to focus on than what the heck makes someone laugh in their free time – like who’s running the world, who’s going to be president, etc.

        P.S., It’s up to parents to stop their kids from watching stuff on the internet. If you truly care, start with the next generation that comes after the millenials…

      • jo says:

        “You know nothing John Snow…” just like YOU “Someone” know nothing about human connection and honesty of the world. If you think Kardashians is something youth should turn to, then I am not exactly sure what this world thinks of “tasteful” shows. Why do you and this asshole Andrew Wallenstein have to spew negativity to the world as if you’re making any positive change by criticizing someone? I LAUGH at how clueless YOU and people like YOU are about the WHYS on youth and why they are connecting to youtubers rather than anything on television or people like you! I don’t see pewdiepie ranting on bad things about other people other than him defending himself. Do you have ANY idea what your insults do to people? Do you stop to think about what you and Andrew Wallenstein say to people? Regardless if they ARE in the public eye, does that give you entitlement to belittle people? Maybe YOU and Andrew Wallenstein need to look in the mirror and ask yourselves if you are doing anything positive in this world or to others? Are you? NO? I can certainly see that.

  35. Bob says:

    Well, Variety, a Article how pewdiepie sucks and dolts! After a year later, you recruited pewdiepie and making the cover suck. BTW this is off from Game Theory. Well I didn’t know that idiots and retards like pewdiepie is bad, for doing charity, helping off depression, having families reconnect, and huh that is bad for some reason. Spread the word, Don’t go to any click baits videos. Watch Game theory.

    • Liam bakker says:

      You are amazing man or bro press is a piece of shit, I love pewdiepie

    • someone says:

      You just told me not to go to clickbait videos and you’re telling me to watch Game Theory. JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE OR DON’T WANT TO WATCH SOMETHING DOESN’T MEANT IT’S CLICKBAIT. CLICKBAIT IS AN ENTICING TITLE, NOT JUST ONE YOU DON’T LIKE.

  36. This passage is just filled with such unnecessary hate. It’s quite immature of the author to post this. Seems to be written out of pure jealousy.

  37. Kevin says:

    Eh. That’s what they said about the printing press, the radio, the film, the tv, the ebook, and the Internet. Democratization of content creation always ruffles some feathers. It’s not good or bad. It’s just progress.

    I don’t personally care for pewdiepie, but I also don’t know that variety is the champagne of literature either. We’re never gonna get a world where everyone’s sitting in an armchair every night reading Hemingway and listening to classical music, and that’s not a bad thing.

  38. NotYou says:

    Give it two years and they will put him on the cover of their magazine… oh wait, it already happened! The so-called “gibberish-spouting clown” is now a cover for the magazine that attacks him to death, being praised as a FAME CHANGER, oh the irony pains me so much! Why would you even attack someone who got more fans than your whole readers combined, anyway? Even a DOG knows better than to attack an unprovoked tiger. Too bad that some people wants actual fact for their news, not someone’s opinion. That explains why you’re still a CO-Editor-in-Chief while writing this article, Wafflestain.

    (I’m going to screenshot this and see if Variety will edit something out of this comment)

    • NotYou says:

      Niceeeee, they cleaned up the flame wars that happened here. Good job, Variety. Those people do use a lot of profanities, so I don’t blame you. I mean, this IS a family site, right?

  39. personwhohatespeople says:

    He’s got almost 40 million subscribers now. I’m sorry but that’s a lot of people – it probably means that he’s talented. This old guy should just get back to watching people playing football on TV and we’ll go back to watching people play games on YouTube.

  40. chris says:

    Well, now him is the top on you rank xD.

  41. To be honest, I have just watched the current Game Theory video dealing on bias against Youtube gamers and celebrities. I watch his videos from time to time, and I have subscribed to him too. His screaming, enthusiastic behavior is only part his internet persona. He usually just uses this in gaming videos. In vlogs (video blogs), he is pretty quiet, modest, and calm. Did the author of this article just look at a few videos and just insult without much information? When people watch gaming videos, they are often questioned why they are watching the video and why not actually play the game. People watch a variety of sports. Why aren’t they questioned? They are watching something that they could probably do. I feel that people are just creating prejudice because it is new and they don’t understand it. Why can’t people be more open-minded these days? This is a new form of entertainment as movies and tv shows as they once were new. Of course, people can have their own opinions, but they should know that there will always be people that go against it. I end my statement here.

  42. MDPD says:

    Okay,… Well after reading all of the comments both for and against this PewDiePie guy. (I actually came to look this guy up after watching a South Park episode about him. I also thought he was calling himself Cutie.T. Pie too.lol). I am neither for nor against this guy. Do I think he is boring, idiotic, and dumb? Sure I do. Am I old. Yep, you bet. Am I utterly disgusted with the lack of correctly spelled words and lame, redundant arguments by his fans. ABSOLUTELY. However, do people not have the right to watch what they want to watch in a free world? Or say what they want to? Just because myself and others don’t get or like just why certain people like this guy, doesn’t mean they should be insulted for it. In a world where war, famine, the ending of natural resources,disease, overpopulation, political corruption,destruction of the environment, killing off of precious animal species and senseless, brutal crime are running wild and common place in an overly sensationalized and saturated media and telecommunications age, doesn’t mean that they should be verbally bashed for it. I think that there are bigger things to worry about than whether or not some people like somebody who talks shit via youtube. If it is what they like, it is what they like, bottom line. If it makes them forget about just how fucked up the world and their life really is and makes them happy, then who am I to argue? Yeah I don’t get this PDP guy or why people like him, but if it makes the people who do like him happy, then what is so bad about that? I am an American, so freedom of speech and the right to the pursuit of happiness for EVERYBODY are things that I hold dear and true. As long as what they are doing isn’t hurting anyone or anything, then who cares?? Let them watch what they want to watch. Bottom line is this- I may not agree on what others say, like, or dislike but I will defend their right to do it. With 10+ billion people on the planet and growing we are not all going to agree or like the same things at anytime, let all even some of the time, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect others opinions, likes and beliefs just because they differ from our own……..P.S.- And to those who believe that they people who like this guy are going to ruin the world in the future,.. ah..NEWSFLASH!!, the world has been fucked up for a long ass time now.. Will it get worse? Who knows..possibly…, but to quote a famous song by a famous music artist..”We didn’t start the fire it’s always been burning since the world’s been turning”.

  43. something says:

    wtf this guy is basically saying that democracy is shit
    (communist probably)

  44. pplrfrlkingidiots says:

    Sweden is not a western country

    • Kevin says:

      Western culture refers to post helenistic post Renaissance culture. Most of Europe, north America. It’s not physically Western. This opposed to the places that don’t have much in common with us culturally. Geographically, you’re correct. And that other guy is a dick.

    • someone says:

      Congrats! You’re the winner of the biggest fucking idiot with an ironic username! You’ll be happy to know nobody actually said sweden was a western country! You will in fact find that with the invention of the internet, it is very easy for someone in another part of the world to affect influence on another part without having to be physically local!

      • something says:

        call yourself an idiot.
        “Meet the gibberish-spouting clown who’s bringing Western civilization to a screeching halt”
        the guy is basically saying that hes from one of the western. Learn how to read and then comment

  45. Neil says:

    One of those timeless “our younger generation is going to end the sane world” arguments. I don’t believe PewDiePie is a lasting phenomenon, and will probably fade away. But this article does something that has been done to every generation (the 60s were especially criticized horrendously, now celebrated as the era that gave us brilliant musicians). I do think you should celebrate talent, and while PewDiePie doesn’t have any in comedy, it can’t be ignored that he is successful. Talent without success is not something I would want in my life. Also, where success is concerned, this article seems to be written by a member of the generation that made mediocre romantic comedy staples like Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock successful (mediocre not according to me, but according to critic review aggregator websites like RottenTomatoes ), and also, the generation who probably disobeyed there parents to go to a Madonna concert, thereby making her one of the richest musicians (as I read, Madonna was called a pop culture disaster by articles like this back then, only they were published on paper, not screens). This seems like a continuous process. I’m 23, and I think PewDiePie is silly and funny in a quirky way (i’m not a subscriber). Maybe he will fade away, but if he’s successful now, like Bullock, Madonna, and so many other criticized ones, if you (the writer) think people like him and ‘his ilk’infecting the culture at large is a problem that your generation was free from, then the hypocrisy is clear.

  46. someone says:

    Ok guys, if nobody cares, why are you commenting in a several year old article whining that someone doesn’t agree with you?

    • Ryan Callahan says:

      I just scanned the comments and it seems you are the one who has felt the need to come back to this article for the past few months to disagree with and put down anyone who expresses an opinion that is different than yours. Why can’t you just chill out and let people enjoy what they want?

    • - says:

      Because the bro army is very loyal to PewDiePie

  47. PDP Forever says:

    Welcome to The Teen Generation. Where we watch whatever we like because for us it’s humor. You can’t judge us (or even more people) just because we watch this alleged “boatload of crap”. Whoever is responding to pro-Pewdiepie with an anti- stance just goes go to show the conservatism of this world. I wonder how they learned Internet? Anyway, you haters sound like PewDiePie is morally wrong, and you are attacking us for even liking him. Take for example, someone, in a relative pro- comment, he would say everything bad as seen on the article, when it is defensive, he would say it is “illogical”. That’s the point, you are! You believe that what has already been established is the best. You are not open to new things. YOU DO NOT CONTROL US! That’s why no matter how many comment there are here, no matter how long this article will last, no matter how long you exist and reply to. This will never die, understand, I’m talking to you someone! Oh, by the way, you make me remember… a dictator-wannabe, never able to grasp power, but still judging around, and forcing your ideology of anti-Pewdiepie.

    • someone says:

      You’re a tiny fucking speck of the world. You don’t matter for anything. Also, the way you idiots keep rushing over here to comment on a several year old article to “defend” your precious pewdiepie, with idiotic pro-pewdiepie names and simple, worthless statements that don’t mean anything, or simply parroting other users because you were completely beaten, really just proves that you are incapable of thinking for yourself. Did you know you “lovers” are currently busy attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with you? What a bunch of fucking hypocrites! You whine about being attacked but look who’s doing the attacking right now! If we were on youtube right now, on a pewdiepie video, you’d be saying “don’t like, don’t watch” but what are you doing here? You dont’ like this, but you’re reading the fuck out of it and then bitching because someone doesn’t agree with you. What a hypocritical pack of idiots you are. your parents couldn’t have ever hit you hard enough to straighten you out.

      NOBODY GIVES A FUCK. STOP TRYING TO DEFEND YOURSELVES IF WE DON’T CONTROL YOU. IF YOU’RE SO UNTOUCHABLE, JUST SHUT UP AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR STUPID, WORTHLESS LIFE WITHOUT WHINING. Holy shit, you sound so much like a moron. And then you address me, personally, while completely ignoring everything like this that I’ve been saying. Unless you’re afraid of pewdiepie becoming irrelevant, shut the fuck up and go back to watching his videos, and stop posting your shitty opinions where they don’t matter and nobody will read them but the people who already posted on this article who have subscribed to the comment responses mail. Fuck.

      Oh, that’s another thing. ” You believe that what has already been established is the best. You are not open to new things.”

      No, we’re all open to new things. But you seem to have this idea that new things are better. That big numbers on an internet website mean you are not wrong. You ARE wrong, and eventually, if you’re not brain damaged, you’ll grow out of it, and you’ll learn what a complete waste of time this has been, and how little a man on the internet actually cares for anything but the money you bring him for your views.

      Does nobody remember Fred? Of course you don’t fucking remember Fred, he fucking died out just like every other shitty internet fad. Maybe Fred should have said “rape” a few times, maybe he should have made sex jokes or shit himself about barrels. Maybe that was why Fred stopped being popular.

      • someone says:

        I like when broken individuals try to pass their feelings on to me, when they’re the ones who think pewdiepie actually cares that they exist for any reason other than the money.

      • HeyItsDan says:

        You’re (someone) so funny to read and ridiculous, reading your comments has reminded me of other negativity-spreading, sad and lonely hypocrites I have had the misfortune in meeting. Continue, please. Very entertaining.

      • PDP Forever says:

        No… Judging by context, he used it correctly you hypocrite

      • someone says:

        I like it when people use the word hypocrite and don’t know what it means.

      • Someone-Is-A-Hyporite ^ says:

        You’re a tiny fucking speck of the world too. And you’re also rushing over here, rage commenting on how PewDiePie fans are rage commenting too much, while you’re rage commenting too. Holy shit, you sound like a moron hypocritical moron.

  48. Andrew says:

    Would like to say that pewdiepie deserves the subscribers he has, it may not seem like much but recording, editing, and uploading 2-3 videos a day is hard work. I find him to be funny personally and accept others conflicting opinions. I consider myself to be part of his fan base “the bro army” and am a 23 year old guy in college. I do not consider myself to be immature. I respect others opinions and just want others to respect our opinion of pewdiepie.

  49. Maddie says:

    I’ve yet to see a good argument formulating PDP in these comments. All of those against him on here sound like that one atheist kid who gets pissed at anyone who’s not an atheist. You guys should put away your fedoras. I don’t really like PDPs comedy, but at least he’s not disrespectful to those of other beliefs or appearances. Also, to those arguing that all his comedy is based on rape jokes,he hasn’t made one of those in two years. Find somethin else to hate him for guys.XD

  50. TheOneWhoKnows says:

    Yo “codger” id like you to know that many “your age” and over enjoy pewdiepie that and hes not just a blibbering idiot you dunce hes a caring person who shows you respect to his fanbase the bros who you have rudely made fun of -Shark899138

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