CBS and Time Warner Cable have agreed to avert a looming blackout of CBS-owned stations on TW Cable systems by agreeing to a four-day extension of the deadline in their retrans contract negotiations.

The previous contract extension was set to expire Thursday ayem, which could have led to the shutdown of 13 CBS-owned stations in eight major markets, including Gotham and LA, where TW Cable is the dominant cable operator. The new deadline is Monday, July 29, at 5 pm Eastern.

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CBS and TW Cable are battling over retransmission consent fees, with the Eye seeking a significant hike in payments from the cabler for the right to carry CBS station signals. Eye’s pay TV network Showtime is also wrapped up in the talks and could go dark as a result of the wrangling.

TW Cable asserts that CBS is asking for triple-digit increases; the Eye maintains it has reached retrans pacts in recent years with a host of other MVPDs and that TW Cable pays higher fees for channels that don’t draw as many viewers as its networks.