Alice Cooper Scaring Up Support on Kickstarter

Shock rocker seeking funds for 'Uncle Alice Presents,' with 'The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange' co-creator Tom Sheppard.

Alice Cooper Scaring Up Support on

Alice Cooper is looking for some love on Kickstarter, too.

The shock rocker is turning to the community fundraising platform to drum up support for “Uncle Alice Presents,” a transmedia property that will include a comicbook and TV pilot for an anthology series.

Project would revolve around Cooper as Uncle Alice, a gatekeeper of the netherworld between heaven and hell, as he introduces stories from paintings that seek revenge to mad scientists that crossbreed beach babes with fish.

Cooper launched Dark Matter Publishing last year as a venture to focus on comicbooks, graphic novels and young adult books that could be adapted into TV shows and films.

Dark Matter-partner Tom Sheppard (“Pinky and the Brain”) came up with the concept for “Uncle Alice Presents” when Cooper guested on the Cartoon Network series “The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange,” which Sheppard co-created. The two wound up connecting over their love for the horror genre.

“Look, we all love anthology series like ‘Tales From the Crypt,’ ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents,’ but wouldn’t we love them a lot more if they were hosted by Alice Cooper?” Sheppard said.

Having already spent months developing “Uncle Alice Presents,” Dark Matter turned to Kickstarter after execs saw how the “Veronica Mars” movie was able to generate support from fans.

While that project was looking for at least $2 million, “Uncle Alice Presents” is seeking much less — it’s set a goal for $200,000 to finance a series of 12 comicbooks, and $500,000 for the TV pilot.

The TV show may be the ultimate goal, “but first, let’s get the comics made,” said Dark Matter CEO Todd Moyer.

Individuals contributing $10 or more will be able to submit story ideas to the comicbook’s creative team, with 10 finalists chosen for backers to vote on. The winning idea will wind up in an issue of the comicbook.

“Our goal is to bring our backers the greatest value for their pledges,” Moyer said. “We’re asking as little as we possibly can to produce a large variety of original content. We’re also looking forward to giving backers the chance to be a part of the creative process by entering our story line creation contest.”