Sky News Cameraman Killed In Egyptian Protests

Veteran employee Mick Dean was shot whilst trying to cover the violence

Egypt protest violence
Ed Giles/Getty Images

A veteran Sky News cameraman has been shot and killed whilst covering the protests in Egypt.

Sixty-one-year-old Mick Dean, who had worked for Sky for 15 years, was killed in Cairo on Wednesday as the Egyptian security forces stormed two protest camps in the city occupied by supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi in the city, according to a report on the BBC.

Head of Sky News John Ryley paid tribute to Dean and said he was an “experienced journalist” and “much-loved colleague.”

Gulf News reporter Habiba Ahmed is also reported to have been killed during the violence.

Egypt has declared a state of emergency after the army and riot police moved to clear the protest camps.

According to BBC reports, witnesses claim to have seen “at least 40 bodies” and the Muslim Brotherhood has said there have been hundreds of deaths.