Rupert Murdoch Feels ‘Hurt’ By Leaked Tape From Sun Staffers

News Corp. tycoon says he feels 'betrayed' by his tabloid's employees

Rupert Murdoch

LONDON — Rupert Murdoch has told friends that he feels “hurt” by the leak of a secret recording of a meeting with staffers at U.K. tabloid The Sun.

According to a report in Exaro News, the website that published parts of the recording in which Murdoch berates a police inquiry into the alleged crimes committed at his Brit newspapers, the media mogul has told allies that he was left shocked at the emergence of the tape.

David Dinsmore, the editor of The Sun, has told colleagues that Murdoch called him from the U.S. reportedly telling him: “I feel hurt by what has happened.”

He added that he felt “betrayed” by staff at the tabloid.

A few weeks ago, Murdoch came under fire after the leaked tape exposed the media tycoon telling employees that payments for news tips from police had “been going on a hundred years.”

He reportedly said to Sun staffers: “You didn’t instigate it.”

Murdoch’s reaction to the leak comes as U.K. police have opened a fresh line of enquiry in Operation Elveden and will look to investigate his personal knowledge of the malpractice of journos to pay public officials and police officers for news tips.

Exaro has passed on the three audio files of the recordings to the London Metropolitan Police.

Last Tuesday, Murdoch was invited to come back to U.K. Parliament to clarify evidence he gave to the select committee last year.

In response, News Corp. issued a statement that said: “Mr. Murdoch welcomes the opportunity to return to the select committee and answer their questions. He looks forward to clearing up any misconceptions as soon as possible.”