Chile’s Invercine Producciones has teamed with Filmadora Nacional, producer of smash hit “The Noble Family,” and Colombia’s Rhayuela, the company behind “El Paramo,” to produce Andres Waissbluth’s “Hermanitos” (“Little Brothers”).

Fictional “Hermanitos” turns on true events when Lalo and Roberto Parra, the younger brothers of Violeta Parra, took off as kids in 1929 to join the circus, earn money for their impoverished family and know the world.

“Hermanitos” targets family audiences, once rare for Chilean cinema, said Invercine’s Matias Cardone.

“There’s ever-growing diversification in Chilean films, more genre movies, exploitation, family-skewed animation, comedy, mainstream movies, not just auteur drama, which is helping grow domestic audiences,” said Cinemachile head Constanza Arena.

Also produced by Invercine, Fernando Lavanderos’ “Things the Way They Are” has been selected for the Forum of Independents at the Karlovy Vary festival, which kicks off June 28.