MUMBAI — Indian broadcasting giant Zee Entertainment, has launched Bollywood movie channel Zee Bioskop in Indonesia on Tuesday.

The channel will initially be available on pay-TV outlet Aora, before other carriage deals are added in 2014. All content will be dubbed into Bahasa Indonesia.

The channel’s initial movie roster includes “Delhi 6,” “Shaitan” (pictured) and “Oh My God.”
Zee, which broadcasts some 40 channels worldwide, has similar channels in the Middle East and Malaysia.
Bollywood has had a popular presence in Indonesia for decades, with films releasing theatrically in the territory from 1945. New Bollywood films release day and date in the country. The Indian and Indonesian film industries are experiencing rapid growth rates and the countries are at the early stages of exploring a co-production agreement.

Disclosure: Variety’s parent company, PMC has a business relationship with Zee in India.