Mexico City-based film distributor Gussi and MVS Cinelatino, a Latin American and U.S. Hispanic pay TV movie channel, have acquired U.S. distribution rights to “Nosotros los nobles” (The Noble Family), a smash hit in Mexico where it has grossed $19.8 million in six weeks, distributed by Warner Bros.

Gussi’s Distrimax will handle home video while Cinelatino takes other rights, including theatrical distribution, per FilmSharks Intl.’s Guido Rud, who is selling “Noble.”

Wildside has acquired Italian remake rights; Delta Films has rights for Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

A feel-good riff on Mexico’s gaping income gap, helmer Gary Alazraki’s feature debut turns on a construction magnate who feigns bankruptcy to force his lay-about children to face the unimaginable — a real job.

“If the film has a message it’s that work dignifies people,” Alazraki has said.