Dominic Mohan Set To Leave News Corp.

Former editor of The Sun is believed to be no longer on the payroll

Dominic Mohan Set Leave News Corp.

Dominic Mohan, former editor of Rupert Murdoch’s U.K. tabloid The Sun, has left the staff of News Corp. entirely, in a move that is believed to be part of an exit strategy which may see him cut all ties with the media mogul.

According to a report in The Guardian, Mohan, who was only recently moved from his role as editor of the red top paper to a senior advising role at News Corp., is “ending a 19-year stint on the payroll” of Murdoch’s publishing empire.

The report said Mohan is now working as a consultant for the company but said it is believed that Mohan could ultimately sever ties entirely with Murdoch. He is also believed to be in line for a severance package worth more than £2 million ($3 million).

News International, the umbrella org of Murdoch’s U.K. newspapers which was recently rebranded as News U.K., made the surprise announcement in June that Mohan would be leaving The Sun after four years at the helm.

He was replaced by David Dinsmore.

Mohan was said to be reporting directly to Robert Thompson, chief exec of News Corp., the newspaper and book publishing biz, which formally separated from its film and TV operations last month.

The Guardian reported that speculation has mounted that the job Mohan was offered was a “non-job” that the org created for him until they found him a real role within the company.

Mohan joined the Sun from News U.K.’s shuttered Sunday tabloid News of the World in 1996 and was later promoted to editor of its Bizarre showbiz column.

He was then promoted to associate editor of features and in 2007 its editor Rebekah Brooks made him editor.