Producer Charles Gillibert (“On the Road”) is launching his new production vehicle, CG Cinema, with a strong slate of European auteur-driven pics, including Olivier Assayas’ English-language debut “Sils Maria,” starring Juliette Binoche and Chloe Moretz, and Atiq Rahimi’s “Pour un seul Cortege.”

Michael Gentile at Paris-based The Film is co-producing  “Cortege” with Gillibert.

Gillibert, who spent 10 years at Nathanael Karmitz’s MK2, producing pics from helmer such as Gus Van Sant, Assayas and Abbas Kiarostami, said he aimed at continuing to work with international auteurs on ambitious projects that can travel worldwide.

MK2 announced earlier this year it was pulling out of production and distribution to focus on international sales and exhibition.

“Cortege,” co-written by Rahimi and Jean-Claude Carriere, is based on a novel by Laurent Gaude, which turns on the last days of Alexander the Great. Paris-based the Film is co-producing.

Also on Gillibert’s development slate is Assayas’ follow-up to “Sils Maria,” a yet-to-be-titled U.S.-set genre movie helmed by Assayas and co-produced by Orange Studio, the film arm of the French telco company. Details are being kept under wrap.

“After he directed “Carlos,” Assayas received many offers to make an action film in Hollywood but he’s always wanted be initiate his own projects and maintain full creative control,” said Gillibert.

“France is a wonderful country to start developing international projects because we have co-production treaties with so many countries, a well-oiled financing system, high-performing sales companies and the biggest film festival, Cannes,” Gillibert told Variety. “The key is to have a dynamic approach to financing, combining coin from traditional outlets — such as TV — with other sources like private equity investors, crowd-funding and foreign distributors.”

Gillibert is also developing “Lost in Paris,” helmed by Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon.