SINGAPORE – Infinite Studios, one of the leading production and facilities groups in South East Asia, has partnered with Indonesian TV producer Screenplay Productions to hatch a slate of Indonesian feature films.

Infinite’s Indonesian subsidiary PT Kinema and Screenplay will jointly invest some $4 million per year in a slate of six features per year. A further $1 million per year will be provided for local marketing and promotion.

“It is important for us and for Indonesian cinema to put greater quality on screen, in terms of script, design and visual effects, that’s why we are making the step up to feature films” said Wicky Olindo, director of Screenplay. “The average budget for a TV movie in Indonesia might be around $20,000, we are going to be investing closer to $1 million.”

Screenplay is an associate of broadcaster SCMA Group, which also houses TV channels SCTV, Indiosar and O Channel. It has produced series including “Love In Paris” and “Diam Diam Suka” (aka “Secret Admirer”.)

Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world, but has one of the least developed commercial entertainment scenes. Theatrical box office for local films has grown and subsequently stagnated, with many blaming both quality of production and a bottleneck in the exhibition sector.

Olindo says that the partners will jointly handle direct distribution of the movies in association with Indonesia’s two major exhibition chains 21 Group and Blitz Megaplex.

“There is great potential for the Indonesian movie industry thanks to the deep talent pool and market demand which have not been fully tapped. We hope to produce movies with great production values that will fill this demand and have broad market appeal to not only the Indonesian audience, but also international audiences,” said Mike Wiluan, Infinite’s chief executive.

As a producer Infinite has been involved in HBO Asia-Australian Broadcasting Corp. co-venture series “Serangoon Road,” and HBO Asia’s theatrical movie “Dead Mine.” As production services company, it operates the new Mediapolis Studios in Singapore and facilitated Legendary Pictures and Forward Pass’s upcoming “Cyber,” directed by Michael Mann.