Hey parents: If you’re nervous about shipping kids off to college, here’s a whole new problem to consider: Ghosts.

No, really. Syfy channel’s new series “School Spirits” — which premieres June 20 — is all about college hauntings, starting with a sorority at Michigan filled with attractive young women. And for once, those adjectives apply to the real women telling their stories, not just the actresses playing them in the highly detailed dramatic reenactments. (The series is produced by the team behind “Celebrity Ghost Stories” — no surprise there — but also, somewhat incongruously, “Survivor’s” Mark Burnett.)

For whatever reason, these spooky specters avoid major colleges, or have an aversion to venues eligible to participate in the Bowl Championship Series. After major-conference power Michigan, the stops include SUNY Geneseo in upstate New York, Lebanon Valley College and Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, Virginia’s Sweet Briar College and Eastern Kentucky University.

I guess even ghosts have safety schools.

Of course, a cynic would say the show is simply a way of taking a reality-TV staple — investigating the paranormal — and ensuring it’s demographically desirable by setting the stories at universities. But Syfy will prove that’s not true when the channel premieres the companion shows “Nursing-Home Nightmares” and “Senior CItizen Supernatural.”

Actually, you have a better chance of Casper and friends walking into your living room — or frat house — and posing for pictures than that happening. But on Syfy, as the slogan goes, it’s always fun to imagine greater.