ReelzChannel is premiering a new series Sept. 11 titled “Bomb Girls.”

Sometimes, this job is just too damn easy.

BombgirlsNow, to be fair, I was kind of intrigued by the premise, about female factory workers during World War II. Yet after one episode and part of another it was pretty clear this Canadian import — which features Meg Tilly as its biggest name — wasn’t going to get much better. Indifferently acted, tritely plotted and kind of chintzy looking, it’s proof not everything that’s shot in color really warrants exposure on a U.S. network.

And therein lies a lesson a bit larger than “Bomb Girls” itself. If you’re Reelz, which enjoyed an unexpected windfall by picking up “The Kennedys” from History, you’re a relatively small channel, without that many bites at the apple in terms of public or press exposure. Yes, I’m sure the financial terms were favorable, but wouldn’t the network have been better off waiting until something it could really get behind came along?

At any rate, I’ve learned my lesson — and having invested that much time myself, felt obliged to warn others. “Bombs” away.