Although I fleetingly mention Ariane Bellamar’s website in my review of ABC Family’s “Beverly Hills Nannies,” let me add — for emphasis — just how much something like this illustrates why people should not be unduly sold on the reality of unscripted television.

ArianeBellamar — presented in the series as a cartoon cross between Cruella De Vil and Jessica Rabbit, only with a Canadian accent — is referred to on the site as “a Playboy Bunny and actress starring in ABC Family’s ‘Beverly Hills Nannies.'”

Got that? Not featured in. Not whose life is being profiled in. “Starring” in — just like her resume credits for “Entourage” and “I Just Want My Pants Back.” And it’s really more the norm than the exception now for reality “stars” to come with there own imdb.com page, as Bellamar does.

Does this automatically mean most of the show is BS, that all the situations are staged, or that viewers won’t be able to suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy it? Not in the slightest, although I would question whether the participants — knowing a little something about the genre — play up excesses, knowing what will buy them more screen time.

But as I’ve asked many times before, if what we’re really seeing, largely, is people playing at being “characters,” other than the fact such shows are cheaper to produce — which benefits the network, not the audience — wouldn’t you rather see it done with good actors?