Angus T. Jones had one fleeting scene on “Two and a Half Men” on Thursday — the first episode since he urged people not to watch the program because it’s “filth,” then subsequently apologized.

So what did his character say? Put it this way: He got to utter the episode’s title, “I Scream When I Pee.”

AngusJones has been appearing sporadically in “Men” as he transitions to college, having been largely written out by a subplot that had him joining the army, frequently reducing his presence to Skype calls home.

Still, the series has always pushed network standards on sex jokes, and his shtick in this latest half-hour involved Jake bragging to his dad Alan (Jon Cryer) about getting “the clap” from his girlfriend. Why brag about that? Because, he explains, it’s “a sexually transmitted disease” — proof to the world, in Jake’s addled mind, that he’s getting some.

Actually, the episode was pretty funny — at least, relatively speaking, given how “Men” has drifted creatively after a solid initial burst with last season’s arrival of Ashton Kutcher — bringing back April Bowlby in a guest shot as Alan’s ex-wife Kandi, now the star of a “CSI”-like TV show. The writers have always appeared to enjoy writing stupid characters (hence Jake), and Kandi’s modern-day Marilyn Monroe act is about as ditsy as they come.

And no, there was nothing on producer Chuck Lorre’s vanity card about the latest controversy. In fact, it was more existential than filthy. (It’s available, as usual, via his website.)

Even if Jones’ indignation is a little hard to swallow this late in the game, I’m inclined to cut the 19 year old considerable slack, mostly because I have tremendous sympathy for child stars, and stick by my argument that we should deal the E! True Hollywood Story” a blow and CGI them out of existence whenever possible. And if that upbringing has left him a bit confused and casting about for answers to life’s imponderable riddles, well, mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be actors.