Remember a few weeks ago — an eternity in the media universe — when I suggested Jon Stewart’s exposure of Fox News’ tactics is getting under the channel’s skin?

Last night’s episode of “The Daily Show” offered a pretty good reason why.

Stewart’s crack research team neatly deconstructed how Fox has taken a grammatical slip and turned it into a full-blown assault on President Obama revealing his Marxist tendencies — a meme seized on by the Romney campaign and turned into political ads.

The really devastating moment in this clip, though, is when Fox’s morning host Steve Doocy says they’re going to put the story in context, then proceeds to distort it further.

Fox, of course, is adept at spinning any criticism into an ideological attack, but this has nothing to do with that. There are plenty of legitimate ways to take on the current administration, but distortion is distortion, pure and simple. And frankly, seeing it cut up this way ought to be embarrassing for all concerned, which brings me back to the broadside launched at Stewart right after he went on vacation.

Let’s go to the videotape:


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