WOW Report digests oddball news

World of Wonder's 21st Birthday

Celebrities, pop culture’s fringe elements, the drag scene and an assortment of other guilty pleasures are all making headlines throughout the day, every day, in the WOW Report.

Written primarily by Stephen Saban and James St. James, they describe the blog — at http://worldofwonder.net — as “pop culture with a twist.”

“We strive for the feeling that you’re at this fun party, and we’re introducing you to everyone we know,” St. James says. “We’re taking you by the hand and leading you through this great adventure.”

And they’re just the guys to do it. British-born Saban, a SoHo Weekly News columnist on the nightclub scene in the 1970s, was a co-founder of Details magazine in 1982, and also has written for Esquire, Movieline and Us Weekly.

St. James, a celebutante and Club Kid in Manhattan nightclub circles in the late 1980s and early ’90s, penned “Disco Bloodbath” (now published under the title “Party Monster”), which was turned into a 2003 pic starring Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green.

Saban and St. James each post a dozen or more times a day, putting their spin on pop culture stories, oddities they discover on the Internet, and original content they develop including the recent “Bad Eyebrow Hall of Fame” pictorial and a Grizzly Adams appreciation. Anything featuring RuPaul is good for a flurry of hits and comments.

“We’re constantly blogging, and that’s one of our strengths,” St. James says. “If we have a clunker, in 10 minutes it will be at the bottom of the page because there’s so much going on. We can take chances and do things that may or may not pan out.”

Another 20 or so other World of Wonder staffers also contribute to the blog, which has 30,000 page views per day. They operate with few boundaries, one of them being not to post full-frontal nudity.

“But we get as close to that as we can,” Saban says. “There’s an expression, NSFW — Not Safe for Work. Well, everything is safe here.”

World of Wonder’s 21st Birthday
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