Gallic product at this year’s Rendez-Vous de Biarritz market, running Sept. 9-13, boasts a strong crop of crime thrillers and kids’ toons, plus sci-fi and historical drama.


“Adam” (584 x 3’30, M6, shorts)
Production/sales: CALT
Logline: Cult teen comedy starring Kev Adams

“Blood on the Docks” (4 x 90′, crime drama)Production: GTV
Sales: Zodiak Rights
Logline: Cop duo combats petty gangsters.

“Cain” (8 x 52, France 2, crime drama)
Production: DEMD Productions
Sales: Europe Images Intl.
Logline: Wheelchair-bound cop Cain still upholds the law.

“Detectives” 8 x 52′, France 2, crime thriller
Production: Delante TV
Sales: France Televisions Distribution
Logline: Morally upright private eye Philippe Lefebvre teams with Sara Martins.

“Inquisitio” (8 x 52′, France 2, historical thriller)
Production: Septembre
Sales: NeweN
Logline: Idealistic Jewish doctor defies the Great Inquisitor.

“Martine” (52 x 13, M6, animation)
Production: Les Armateurs, Expand Drama, Blue Spirit/BE Films/Casterman
Sales: SND-Groupe M6
Logline: Adventures of Martine, based on best-selling kids’ books.

“Muffin Jack & Jeremy” (52 x 13′, animation)
Production/sales: Ankama Animations
Logline: Kids’ crimefighter series from French toon house Ankama.

“The Mysterious Cities of Gold” (26 x 26′, animation)
Production: Blue Spirit Animation
Sales: NeweN
Logline: Remake of classic ’80s kids adventure series, set in the 16th century.

“The Odyssey” (12 x 52, Arte France/RAI 1, historical drama)
Production: Making Prod/GMT
Sales: 100% Distribution
Logline: Epic adaptation of Homeric tale penned by Frederic Azema.

“Quartier Latin” (8 x 26′, Orange, comedy)
Production: Moneypenny Productions
Sales: The Box Distribution
Logline: Porn actress returns to university to study philosophy.

“Rasputin” (100′, France 3, TV Movie)
Production: B-Tween
Sales: Roissy Films
Logline: Gerard Depardieu incarnates the Holy Devil.

“Rebound” (8 x 52′, Canal Plus, supernatural thriller)
Production: Haut et Court
Sales: Zodiak Rights
Logline: Ambitious supernatural tale about disorientated ghosts

“Through Your Eyes” (Two seasons, 40 x 26′, Arte France, docu)
Production/sales: Upside Television
Logline: Docu series about globetrotting blind journalist Sophie Massieu


“Blood of the Vine” (2nd season, 8 x 90, France 3, murder mystery)
Production: Telecip
Sales: NeweN
Logline: Elegant thriller in French vineyard setting

“Code Lyoko” (2nd season, 26 x 22′, CGI animation and live action)
Production/sales: Moonscoop
Logline: Five school kids fight a haywire artificial intelligence program.

“Mafiosa” (4th season, 8 x 52. Canal Plus, crime drama)
Production: Image & Co.
Sales: AB International Distribution
Logline: Tribulations of female Corsican mobster

“Spiral” (4th season, 12 x 52, Canal Plus, crime drama)
Production: Son et Lumiere
Sales: NeweN
Logline: Long-running international hit

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