The Writers Guild of America East has praised President Obama’s decision to fill three vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board with recess appointments.

The guild, in an announcement Thursday, noted that the appointments allow the NLRB to continue to operate and make legal decisions.

The WGAE East noted that the appointments allow the NRLB to address the final appeal in a longstanding case involving the reality television production company ITV Studios. The guild and ITV are in a dispute over the unionization vote by writers and producers.

“On behalf of our membership, I commend President Obama’s decision to appoint new members to the NLRB, filling vacancies and allowing the Board to carry on its crucial work,” said Lowell Peterson, the WGA East exec director. “The fact that the Board can continue to rule on cases sends a message to companies such as ITV Studios banking on a stalemate to respect the law and come to the negotiating table.”

The WGA East attempted to organize ITV as part of its efforts over the past year to bring its coverage to the nonfiction sector of the TV industry. It has successfully organized Atlas Media and Lion Television as part of that campaign.