Variety launches Inclusion Project: Los Angeles

Internship program to aid adults with developmental disabilities

Variety has teamed with Pasadena-based Foothill Vocational Opportunities and other partners for an internship program designed to create job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

Coinciding with Autism Awareness Month, six interns recently began a nine-month immersion course that will give them hands-on experience working in Variety’s marketing, sales, administrative and editorial departments. Participants will also spend part of each day learning about showbiz in a classroom-like setting.

Other orgs involved in the Inclusion Project: Los Angeles program are the Los Angeles Regional Centers advocacy org, the nonprofit film workshop Inclusion Films, UCLA Extension and Project Search, a workplace readiness program developed by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

“We are so proud to be able to use Variety as an opportunity to show that these more-than-qualified individuals can make successful, important contributions to businesses and have meaningful occupations in the entertainment industry,” said Variety publisher Brian Gott. “We hope to encourage other organizations to follow suit.”