With all of the talk of education providing opportunity during the apex of the presidential campaign, it seems fitting that today mark the start of a weeklong “Television 101” seminar hosted by the Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Foundation for select educators around the nation.
Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Foundation

5-day retreat and seminar in Los Angeles features some of the TV industry’s best and brightest providing insight and behind-the-scenes know-how to upper level teachers who specialize in television and media studies. Teachers attending the 2012 Faculty Seminar hail from universities like University of Notre Dame, Penn State and Northwestern.

Now in its 25th year, this year’s Faculty Seminar will include industry members like Cynthia Cidre (“Dallas”), DeAnn Heline (“The Middle”),
R.J. Cutler (“Nashville”), Michael Goi (“American Horror story”), and Kelley
Dixon (“Breaking Bad”). Major broadcast nets are also lending their execs for off-the-record panels.

“In order to shape the television executives of
tomorrow, we must first begin with knowledgeable educators today,” said
Norma Provencio Pichardo, executive director of the Television Academy
Foundation.  “The Television Academy Foundation’s Faculty Seminar serves
as an invaluable resource for the advancement of television studies. 
We’re so grateful that the TV producers, executives and digital
professionals who are shaping and changing our industry have embraced
our program and are so generously giving their time and expertise.”

 20 educators total will take part in the TV Acad Foundation’s Faculty Seminar. Event runs through the end of the week.