Turner, Fox close to signing deals with MLB

Nets would pay more than double in extention of current pact

Fox and Turner are about to close their extension deals with Major League Baseball through the 2021 season, according to a report from Sports Business Journal.

Talks with MLB have been ongoing for months as both Turner and Fox have been looking to renew their deals. This extension would add eight years to the current contracts, which end at the end of next season.

Reports have Fox paying $4 billion and Turner handing out $2.8 billion, which is more than double what they are paying now. Last month ESPN reupped with MLB for eight years as well, for a hefty $5.6 billion.

Current baseball coverage by Fox and Turner will remain mostly in place. Fox would have rights to the World Series and Fox and TBS would split the League Championship Series. The one major change is that the League Divisional Series will now be split between the two nets; TBS used to cover it exclusively.