Program execs at Moscow pubcaster TV Podmoskoviy have quit after their topper was replaced by a new general director with strong links to the Kremlin.

Natalya Kudryashova, head of TV Podmoskoviy, a local government-funded station founded by regional governor Boris Gromov in 2003, used Twitter to announce her departure from the station, adding that her senior team were ankling with her. “I didn’t expect everyone would stand together and go,” she Tweeted.

Kudryashova was reportedly joined by her deputy, the chief editor, lead producer, lawyer and other key personnel.

The station swiftly went into damage limitation, denying it had lost its entire top team. In a statement on its website, TV Podmoskoviy dubbed it “unsubstantiated rumor” caused by “incorrect interpretation of private correspondence…taken out of context.”

Kudryashova, who joined the station in 2008 from top Russian news show “Vremya,” linked her ouster to political changes in Moscow regional government.

Gromov stepped down in May to make way for Vladimir Putin-appointee, Sergey Shoigu, the former long-term Emergency Situations Minister. When Shoigu was made defense minister last week, his replacement, Andrey Vorobyov, brought his own man to head TV Podmoskoviy: Andrey Voskresensky, former finance and commercial affairs chief from Moscow station TV Tsentr.

For Moscow TV folk, Voskroskensky’s reputation preceded him.

“His management style is robust,” one former TV Tsentr employee told Variety.