TiVo and PayPal are joining forces to enable viewers to purchase products promoted onscreen via their remote controls.

The companies hope to line up marketers to experiment with the interactive ads in time for the fall TV season. TiVo isn’t divulging whether any advertisers have signed on yet.

“At PayPal we have been redefining commerce from online to mobile to offline, and we see television as the newest channel in commerce,” said Scott Dunlap, VP of emerging opportunities and new ventures for PayPal. “Teaming up with TiVo will help us connect merchants and consumers via the TV set in the fastest and safest way possible.”

Viewers will be able to make transactions in a number of different scenarios. Commercials from participating marketers will carry icons directing consumers toward a purchase opportunity, and interactive ads will be embedded in select areas in the TiVo navigation menu.

The ads will be available to subscribers who bought stand-alone TV boxes or use the service through MSO partners, including RCN and Suddenlink.