Sutter developing ‘Clown’ comedy at FX

Intense 'Sons of Anarchy' creator taps into humorous side

“Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter has established drama chops, but now he’s going to take on a new comedy at FX.

Sutter will write half-hour laffer “Diva. Clown. Killer.” and exec produce with Katey Sagal and Belle Zwerdling. Dark comedy centers on an ’80s has-been rock diva; her dysfunctional son, who makes his living as kid’s party clown; and an assassin.

The co-production of Fox 21 and FX Prods. marks the first script development for Sutter under his output deal with Fox 21 that was announced in February.

“I look at ‘Sons of Anarchy’ as being an intense drama, where the murder and mayhem are made palatable by absurd, dark humor,” Sutter said. “This half-hour will be an absurd, dark comedy, where the story is fueled by murder and mayhem.”

Sagal, who is Sutter’s wife, may star depending on her schedule. The two have worked together both on “Sons,” in which she stars, and “The Shield,” where he rose from writer to exec producer and she had a guest-starring role.

“Sons of Anarchy” opens its fifth season Tuesday.