Sundance Channel has unveiled its scripted development slate for 2013-14, featuring projects from Robert Redford and Steve Buscemi, among others.

The slate consists of five dramas: “Valentines,” from producer Redford and scribe Olaf Olafsson; “Behind the Sun,” from producers Buscemi and Stanley Tucci and writer Dylan Gary; “The Descendants,” from Sarah Condon and Aaron Guzikowski; “T,” from “This American Life’s” Ira Glass and Alissa Shipp; and “Death in the Modern Age,” from Landscape Entertainment and Michel Fuchs.

“These projects tell dynamic and visceral emotional stories that draw on the best characteristics of our independent film roots, namely new kinds of narratives that surprise you and unapologetically raw characters who feel unlike anything you’ve ever seen before,” said Sarah Barnett, Sundance Channel g.m. and exec veep.

Topics covered in forthcoming dramas include the story of a child with a rare sun allergy in 1980s Malibu in “Behind the Sun,” and a look at a transgender male in “T.”

Among other scripted programming at Sundance Channel, it has two-part movie “Restless” set for December, and next year will premiere “Rectify,” its first wholly owned scripted skein.