“SNL” shrewdly pointed out over the weekend that when it comes to breaking political scandal, lack of B-roll footage can turn a cable news broadcast into an endless loop of the same clip, like a high-definition GIF.

As the David Petreaus affair news continued to unfold last week, segment producers were left with little more than a handful of photos and a single video clip to accompany any and all commentary regarding Jill Kelley, key whistleblower in the scandal.

While lack of B-roll isn’t as irksome for halfhour news broadcasts like “NBC Nightly News,” cable networks like CNN and Fox News are often left filling in the news gaps with photos, video and speculative ramblings while waiting for the story’s next plot point.

Here, Jason Sudeikis spoofs CNN and Wolf Blitzer’s coverage of Jill Kelley. Questions that remain when it comes to the Petraeus scandal and TV in general: Is Aaron Sorkin toiling away over a Petraeus “Newsroom” script? And is “Wolf Blitzer” the greatest news anchor name of all time?

Or is it “Dallas Raines”?