After 15 years with the company, Skip Chasey has exited his post as head of business affairs for Imagine TV.

Chasey has been the business lieutenant on the TV side to Imagine partners Brian Grazer and Ron Howard almost from the division’s inception. He’s moving on at the end of his contract in an effort to “just be able to chill and take care of some personal projects I really want to tackle.”

In a statement, Grazer and Howard called Chasey “one of the best business affairs executives (who) has been a great asset to the Imagine TV family.”

After working for a number of indie production outfits, Chasey joined Imagine TV in 1997 as senior veep and was upped to exec veepee two years later. Of his long tenure, Chasey said he was most proud of the quality of Imagine’s shows over the years. “There’s not a single thing we’ve put out there that I haven’t been tremendously proud of,” he said.