Saban Brands has struck a domestic homevid distribution pact with Shout Factory for titles including the original “Power Rangers” franchise.

The deal encompasses more than 700 segs of “Power Rangers” produced between 1993-2009. It does not include the latest incarnation of the show, “Power Rangers Samurai,” which bowed on Nickelodeon last year.

The catalog pact also covers the 1990s skeins “VR Troopers,” “Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation” and “Beetleborgs.”

Shout Factory also has select digital distribution rights to the titles and will soon begin shopping them for licensing deals.

The homevid titles are set to roll out starting this summer.

Saban Brands was formed in 2010 as an offshoot of Saban Capital Group devoted to acquiring and refurbishing established media properties and consumer brands. Its first deal was the purchase of the “Power Rangers” franchise, which Saban Entertainment and News Corp. sold to Disney along with other assets in 2001.