NBCUniversal’s Integrated Media launches Curve Films

Production arm to make its research more entertaining to advertisers

NBCUniversal’s Integrated Media group said Thursday that it’s launching a production arm called the Curve Films to make its research more entertaining to advertisers.

The studio will produce and distribute films every quarter to the ad market based on proprietary consumer insights from a new hardcover book, “The Curve,” published by the division, which is the cross-company marketing arm of NBCU.

The first film, “Y Now,” focuses on Generation Y, a group born between 1978 and 1995. Nine men and women offer insights about their generation touching on family, career and aspirations. The documentary will be distributed digitally via email to advertisers and marketers and air online at TheCurveFilms.com.

“With research stacking up in everyone’s inbox, we recognized a strong need in the marketplace for a creative, entertaining and compelling way to deliver information in a useful, memorable way,” said John Shea, exec VP and chief marketing officer of NBCUniversal’s Integrated Media. “The Curve Films initiates a first-person dialogue between our audience and our clients, providing them with a keen understanding of their consumer target and how to speak to them with messages that resonate.”

The films will incorporate annotated video technology allowing the viewer to click on a statistic that appears onscreen, which will pause the film and show relevant data points.