Viacom partners MTV and Logo are set to air a follow-up to Dan Savage’s LGBT-geared special “It Gets Better” in the fall. The first special aired in February.

The “It Gets Better” specials derive from a YouTube video created in 2010 by Savage — known for his “Savage Love” columns — and his partner, Terry Miller. The video, which encourages LGBT youth to remain optimistic in the face of harassment, was made in response to the suicides of bullied students throughout the country and quickly spawned an international movement known as the “It Gets Better Project.”

Tens of thousands of “It Gets Better” videos were uploaded, including from President Obama, Anne Hathaway, Ellen DeGeneres and Colin Farrell.

The first “It Gets Better” special will air throughout the coming weeks on both MTV and Logo in celebration of Gay Pride Month. First special can also be viewed on MTV.com.

Savage’s MTV skein “Savage U” will wrap its first season Tuesday. The show follows Savage, along with his sidekick Lauren Hutchinson, as they travel to different college campuses, offering a crash course to students on relationships, responsibility, sex, love and life.