For better or for worse, redneck reality TV is far from hitting the hay.

In fact, MTV is dipping its toes in the mud with its latest reality series, “Buckwild.”

Skein has an aura of “‘Duck Dynasty’ meets ‘Jersey Shore’,” as young adults drunkenly scream with southern drawls about relationship foibles in a backwoods environment peppered with four-wheelers and red Solo cups. And, in case you were wondering, yes there is a moment when someone rolls down a grassy hill in a giant tractor tire after eating “about 14 hot wings.”

This is not the first time MTV has experimented with a docudrama placed in a rural southern environment, as the cabler aired a special “True Life” edition titled “The Theriot Family,” that some viewers dubbed “the Kardashians gone country.” Spesh centered on a family in the Louisiana Bayou family and — you guessed it! — all the relationship drama surrounding the teen kids.

As for other programs within the hillbilly genre, “Duck Dynasty” just pulled a whopping 4.9 million viewers in last night’s 10:30pm episode.

MTV will debut “Buckwild” on Thursday, Jan. 3 (the former night of “Jersey Shore”…coincidence? I think not!). If you’re ready for some drunken mud-slingin’, peep the trailer for “Buckwild” here: