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Maury” dominated among women in the February sweep, and much of the show’s success can be linked to its popularity among African-Americans.

Season-to-date, according to Nielsen, NBCUniversal’s highest-rated conflict talker is far and away the leader among blacks in households, viewers and daytime’s key demographic of women 25-54.

Among African-American viewers, “Maury” attracts an average of 1.61 million viewers per episode (or roughly half of its overall audience), 647,000 more than its closest competitor — and corporate sibling — NBCU’s “Jerry Springer” at 962,000 viewers.

In third place is Debmar-Mercury’s “Wendy Williams” (875,000), which typically runs near the bottom of the pack among total viewers. In fact, while “Maury” also leads the talk category overall among women 18-34 and women 18-49, both “Springer” and “Williams” do far better among these younger African-American women.

Following “Williams” among black viewers is the third leg of NBCU’s conflict talk trio, “Steve Wilkos,” at 738,000 viewers, then Sony’s “Dr. Oz” (704,000) and CBS TV Distribution’s “Dr. Phil” (628,000), the overall talk leader.

For comparison’s sake, among the general market, “Maury” averages 3.37 million viewers season to date, while “Dr. Phil”averages 4.07 million viewers (of which about 15% are African-American). “Springer” averages 2.1 million overall viewers (45% African-American) and “Williams” 1.5 million (with 58% of its viewership black).

Among African-American households, “Maury” scores a 9.0 “live plus same-day” average season-to-date, well ahead of “Springer” (5.3) and “Williams” (5.1). The picture is much the same among African-American women 25-54, with “Maury” (5.7) followed by “Williams” (3.3) and “Springer” (3.2).

Hispanic viewers seem to prefer “Dr. Oz” to “Maury,” with “Oz” averaging a 0.9 rating among Hispanic women 25-54, tying “The View” and Disney-ABC’s “Live! With Kelly.” In that demo, “Maury” comes in third, tying Warner Bros.’ “Ellen” at a 0.7.

“Maury” scores higher among Hispanic viewers (272,000), edging out “Oz” (258,000).

According to Nielsen’s current universe estimates, dated to January 2012, African-Americans make up 13% of TV households, having recently fallen behind Hispanics, which now make up 16.2%. Asian-Americans comprise 5.6% of the U.S. TV households.