Mexico’s TV Azteca protests Ibope leaks

It files criminal complaint after viewer info is released

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s No. 2 network TV Azteca filed a criminal complaint against ratings agency Ibope AGB Mexico (IAM) on Monday, alleging economic and reputation damages caused by the irresponsible handling of sensitive viewer data.

The situation began June 17 when an email was circulated to a wide net of media professionals leaking data, including personal contact information on 2,784 homes where IAM installs electronic metering devices, about half of which tracked for TV Azteca. Another 630 names were leaked later and TV Azteca said the guilty party is still unknown.

Last week TV Azteca disavowed the company and the use of its ratings in the determination of how it charges its more than 1,200 advertisers on its terrestrial channels.

The conglom currently claims about 25%-30% market share with the rest taken up mostly by its larger rival, Televisa.

TV Azteca prexy Mario San Roman announced June 26 that it would charge advertisers a per-spot basis until IAM follows through with its June 18 promise to rotate the viewing homes compromised by the email, a process that the exec said could take up to six months.

In the same June 18 press release, IAM, a subsidiary of Ibope Intl.-AGB Nielsen Media Research, described the email as an act of sabatoge and “an attack on all of us who form a part of the industry and the families who voluntarily collaborate with the system.”