Morgan Freeman narrates a new ad from the Human Rights Campaign, set to run in markets across the country, that characterizes recent victories for same-sex marriage as a “mandate for full equality.”

The 30-second spot, unveiled on Sunday, is going up in advance of a Supreme Court conference later this week to consider whether to take a series of cases challenging the Defense of Marriage Act as well as California’s Proposition 8. It’s expected that the high court will announce whether it will grant or deny cert in the cases on the following Monday, or Dec. 3. The court will be weighing five challenges to DOMA, the Prop 8 case, and a challenge to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision to stop offering domestic partner benefits to state employees.

The reasoning for airing a spot like this now it to take advantage of the attention that will be on the issue. In addition to what is going on in the Supreme Court, five state legislatures — Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota and Rhode Island — will be considering marriage equality legislation when lawmakers return in January.

The ad, titled “Dawn of a New day for Marriage Equality,” started airing on Sunday and runs for a week.