Judge skeds hearing for ‘House’ halt

Court to consider CBS's effort to stop ABC's new reality series

A federal judge has scheduled a hearing on Friday morning to consider CBS’s effort to halt ABC’s new reality series “Glass House” on the grounds that it is a ripoff of “Big Brother.”

U.S. District Judge Gary Allen Feess today announced the schedule for the hearing, after the two networks have filed a flurry of briefs stating their position.

CBS filed suit against ABC last month, claiming copyright infringement and theft of trade secrets, among other claims. It since filed a request for a temporary restraining order seeking to halt the show’s production before its June 18 premiere. The Eye network claims that the executive producer of “Glass House,” Kenny Rosen, a former producer of “Big Brother,” poached employees and lifted from the show’s guest house manual.

ABC contends that the show differs in substantial ways from “Big Brother,” and the similarities are generic elements that can not be protected by copyright. It also challenged that CBS’s claims of trade secrets were really confidential, and instead were “common sense” elements of reality shows.