Joey Pollari snagged a lead role in this season’s MTV remake of the E4 hit “The Inbetweeners,” plunging the young actor into comparisons with his British counterpart Simon Bird. Thus far, the critics have been impressed with the Minnesota native, who recently moved to L.A. after high school. Pollari was just 6 when he heard a radio ad seeking actors and persuaded his reluctant mom to take him to the auditions.

“As it turned out, I was one of the lucky ones who got agents and managers,” Pollari says. “I found my passion in the strong local theater community, where I got my grounding.”

Each year, he traveled to L.A. for pilot season, landing roles on the Disney XD movies “Skyrunner” and “Avalon High,” as well as CBS’ “Cold Case.”

“Joey is an amazing talent with an intelligence and wit I haven’t seen from a teenager since Michael Cera on ‘Arrested.’ He just has such great timing and a knack for improv with the added benefit of his natural charm,” says “Inbetweeners” exec producer Brad Copeland. “He’s going to blow up. He’s going to be another John Cusack, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer kid.”

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