Hochberg Ebersol Co. announces hires

Testa, El-Baz named VPs for upstart shingle

Burgeoning production shingle the Hochberg Ebersol Co. is beefing up its staff by adding a pair of VPs to the ranks.

Newly hired Tony Testa will serve as VP of production and Fairouz El-Baz as VP of operations. Both worked with Hochberg Ebersol Co. on several projects, but on a freelance basis.

Testa, who teamed with the shingle on several upcoming series, including USA Network skein “The Moment,” will oversee all aspects of production in his new position. El-Baz, a producer on History special and backdoor pilot “Off the Grid,” as well as other projects, will be responsible for overall business development and operations.

“These two executives bring a boundless depth of creativity, ingenuity and professionalism to every aspect of their work,” said Charlie Ebersol in announcing the hires.

Hochberg Ebersol Co. has several projects in the works. Besides USA’s third quarter series “The Moment,” which is hosted by former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner and offers those profiled a chance at reclaiming prior career and personal aspirations, the shingle has “The Great Escape” at TNT.

Series, set for a June 24 debut, asks protagonists to find their way out of seemingly untenable situations, such as confinement on a deserted island or in a prison cell.